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Gilbert Homes Foreclosures on the Decline

During the foreclosure crisis, which began in September of 2008, around 4.4 million homes went into foreclosure across the United States. The Gilbert Homes community was impacted just like the rest of the nation and many houses in the area went into foreclosure as well. Most of the Gilbert Homes that foreclosures as a result of the housing crisis have since been bought by private homeowners and investors and far fewer are going into foreclosure, according to Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team. This news is great for people looking to sell Gilbert Homes, people who want to refi or own Gilbert Homes, and new Gilbert Homes buyers. This also signals more positivity that the economy is on the rebound. Find out what’s going on in the market and what this all means for Gilbert Homes buyers and homeowners.


Fewer Foreclosures Across the Country 

In May of 2013, U.S. foreclosures, which includes homes that were in any stage of foreclosure, hovered around 1 million. Last year in May, that number was at 1.4 million. Over the past year, this country has seen almost a 30% decline in foreclosures nationwide. Also, around 2.3 million mortgage loans are considered to be seriously delinquent — that’s only 5.6% of mortgages in the United States. The number of seriously late mortgages in May is the lowest it has been since the end of 2008. In 42 different states in this country, the number of delinquent homes has decreased by double digit numbers. We also know that the current rate of problematic home loans is down to only 0.73% and will likely continue to drop.


What This Means When Selling or Buying Gilbert Homes 

If you are buying or selling Gilbert Homes, this is really good news for you. When there are fewer loans in delinquent statuses or going through foreclosure, lenders are far more willing to offer mortgage loans. Buyers can now more easily qualify for mortgages on Gilbert Homes — making it much easier to sell Gilbert Homes. This information also signals more stability in the economy and housing market, making buying a home a much safer investment now than it has been in quite some time.

More People Now Feel Confident Selling Chandler Homes

Have you noticed more of your friends and neighbors listing their Chandler Homes for sale lately? If you have, there’s a good reason this is happening. More people in this country feel that now is an excellent time to sell a home, especially compared to any time over the last three years. This rise in confidence of selling Chandler Homes has led to more sellers and a rebound of the housing market which is helping to give the economy a boost overall. Troy Reeves notes that his team, the Troy Reeves Team, has been busier now listing Chandler Homes for sale than in recent years. Learn more about this trend in properties across America.


Gilbert Housing Market Statistics


People Are Ready to List Chandler Homes

During the month of May, 40% of Americans agreed that it was a fine time to try to sell a home. This is a 30% increase from one month prior in April, and a 16% jump from the same month in 2012; this is also the biggest jump in the last three years. Housing prices have jumped over 12% in the month of April, making it the 14th consecutive month of increasing gains in the housing market. A big factor of these increases in the national and Chandler Homes markets has been lower inventory pulling prices up and attracting Chandler Homes sellers to finally list their properties for sale.


Buyers Have More Control Over the Chandler Homes Market

What this information shows is that Chandler Homes property owners are starting to feel more sure about selling Chandler Homes in the improving housing market and strengthening economy. Even in comparison to two months ago, the Chandler Homes housing market has shifted gears into more of a buyer’s market now than any time in recent years. Home buyers now have more inventory and selection to choose from and can be more picky without having to wait. On the positive side for sellers, your property is more likely to sell at a better price now than in recent months; there are also more qualified buyers looking to buy as banks are more willing to offer mortgage loans.


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Chandler Homes Are Selling at a Healthy Rate, But Will it Last?

Arizona Housing Market Statistics

People who are selling Chandler Homes or looking to buy Chandler Homes have their eyes closely locked in on the housing market and data coming out about it daily. Many media outlets have officially called the housing market in full blown recovery, while others are still hesitant to call the game. They worry that this trend in Chandler Homes is just that, a trend, and like many trends is volatile. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves knows the importance of looking ahead when planning your next Chandler Homes, even though now is great time to buy and sell.


Why is the Housing Market on the Rise Now?

There are many solid reasons that Chandler Homes and the housing market are doing quite well at this time. Positivity in the job market and nationwide financial markets has increased consumer spending and lender’s willingness to offer home loans – meaning that qualifying to buy Chandler Homes is easier now than in previous years following the crash.


Could this Pattern Change Soon?

Although there is a lot changes for the better are happening, there is still a long road to complete pre-crash recovery. Home prices are still down around 25% of what there were in 2007, which could work to your advantage when buying Chandler Homes. The shortage of homes is a benefit for those who are selling. A recovery from here must be steady and slow to keep this kind of balance that’s creating a booming market. One thing that is going to change soon is the Federal Reserve brining its monetary policy back to normal levels, which will results in interest rates rising an mortgage rates going up.


What You Should Do to Sell Chandler Homes

This news promotes the urgency of listing and buying now if you want to make a move in the Chandler Homes market. It’s so difficult to guess where the economy and housing markets are moving next. What we do know is that banks are giving loans now, and people are buying now. A drop in prices is not very likely, and mortgage rates are still low, so buy now if you’ve been waiting for a good time to do so. Sellers are also urged to list Chandler Homes now before builders and new construction are able to catch up with demand.


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Trends in Chandler Luxury Homes

Gilbert_housing market
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The high end Chandler Luxury Homes tend to have different trends in the market than other types of homes; sometimes Chandler Luxury Homes sell at the same rate as other listings, but many times they don’t follow the ‘normal’ market trends. While precise trends vary greatly by price range and area, it’s important to know about the Chandler Luxury Homes market both as a buyer and as a seller. Learn what the Troy Reeves Teams knows about this specialty area of real estate and what Troy Reeves wants his clients to know.


Chandler Luxury Homes Are Selling Fast

This might surprise you but Chandler Luxury Homes are selling currently very quickly. Most of the housing market is actually red hot right now and the high end market is aligned with that trend. Since the fall of the economy and collapse of the housing market, people have not been buying – but there is no denying the rebound now. Here’s what we know as of now: more Chandler Luxury Homes are being sold now than this time last year, they are also spending less time on the market, and they are selling at a higher median price.


Why People Are Buying Chandler Luxury Homes Now

There are specific reasons why people are buying Chandler Luxury Homes now as opposed to the same time merely a year ago. The housing market overall is being driven by the amount of qualified buyers out there as compared to years prior. These qualified home buyers want to purchase homes now while the interest rates are still quite low and the values of homes continue to rebound.


Get Your Listing Out There

If you want to sell your house now in the Chandler Luxury Homes market, you will need to act fast. New builds are just beginning for the first time in years and once those catch up demand for existing houses will be much lower. Listing your property on reputable sites is essential as that is the main source for interested buyers. Also, if you community allows, post a for sale sign in your yard – it seems basic, but it remains to be one of the best ways to advertise your property.


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Chandler Real Estate Market By the Numbers

Gilbert Housing Market Statistics

According to most analysts and experts in the Chandler Real Estate market, the housing industry is showing strong signs of recovery. The expectation is that people are starting to buy and sell in the same manner they did before the crash. Troy Reeves, founder of the top Chandler Real Estate group the Troy Reeves Team, is urging people to list Chandler Real Estate properties for sale now because they are in high demand. Don’t just take our word for it though, read about the real numbers of the housing market below:


Industry Overview for Chandler Real Estate Homeowners

Knowing what the trends are in the market can help you sell your Chandler Real Estate property at the best price and as quickly as possible.

The following is known to be true about the current housing marketing:

  • Home prices are expected to rise by 15% over the next three years
  • During the year of 2012, existing home sales were up the highest they have been since 2007
  • In the last quarter of 2012, home prices rose in 120 of the 149 metro housing markets
  • 50% of consumers can expect a rise in the cost of renting a home in 2013
  • New homes currently make up only 155% of the homes being purchased
  • 32% of homes for sale in November of 2012 were on the market for less than a month
  • 20% of homes listed for sale in November of 2012 were listed for 6 or more months
  • 43% of echo boomers are current homeowners


How Chandler Real Estate Sellers Should Take This Information

So what should a Chandler Real Estate homeowner gather from these numbers? What these numbers show is that if you have been waiting to sell your Chandler Real Estate property until the housing market improves, now is the time to move forward and list it for sale.  Chandler Real Estate homeowners can expect to sell their home more quickly now than any time since 2007 and are likely to get a better deal. Sellers are advised not to sit on their Chandler Real Estate property for too long though – new home sells are low because builders have not been building new homes since 2007 but are now in the process of constructing new neighborhoods. If you wait to sell your Chandler Real Estate home until the end of the year, you will have a lot more competition from new builds!


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What We Know About Today’s Gilbert Real Estate Buyer and How You Can Make Knowledge Work for You!

Gilbert Housing Market Statistics

When it comes to selling anything, it is important to understand your target audience and you potential buyers. If you are selling your home on the Gilbert Real Estate market, that means it is essential to know what home buyers want, why they are buying, and what impacts their decision to buy a home. Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Teams, highlights that knowing what drives the buyer can mean that your Gilbert Real Estate home will sell much quicker than less informed sellers.

Average Gilbert Home Buyers

Why Are People Moving and Buying Gilbert Real Estate?

There are definite trends amongst buyers of Gilbert Real Estate and those trends change over time.

The five most common reasons that people choose to move are (from most important to least important):

  1. They want more space
  2. They want to live in house that better fits their current lifestyle/phase in life
  3. They want a house that suits their style preference and taste
  4. They want to live in a better neighborhood
  5. They want a house that is more efficient and is more environmentally friendly

So, which is your Gilbert real estate property? Do you have a big spacious home? Are your lights run off solar energy? Is your neighborhood a highly sought after area?

Once you realize which one of these factors your home would fit in, you can target those buyers who are looking to buy Gilbert Real Estate.

Arizona Housing Market Statistics

How Buyers Find Homes and What Makes a Buyer Choose Which Neighborhood to Buy Gilbert Real Estate?

During the average 12 week search, buyers will likely view around ten homes before choosing their property. Almost all buyers use agents like those from the Troy Reeves Team to find their Gilbert Real Estate home. Most buyers look for homes online and the majority of them bought a home from their realtor’s website – so listing your Gilbert Real Estate online is extremely important. When buyers are looking at your Gilbert Real Estate home, they have likely chosen your neighborhood because of one of the following factors: it’s a good area, it’s close to their job, the area is affordable, the neighborhood is close to their relatives, or it’s close to shopping (grocery stores, retail stores, service centers, etc.). Find out your buyers desires on what lead them to your area, and you can play up that angle when negotiating the sale of your Gilbert Real Estate.


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Is Now the Time to Buy Gilbert Real Estate?

Gilbert_housing market
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Now is an exciting time for Gilbert real estate as positivity in the economy and the housing market is consistently improving. Before the crash of the housing marketing, buying Gilbert real estate was seen as an exciting investment – a notion many people lost over the grim last few years. Recently, data has come out that backs vast improvements in jobs and housing, so people are starting to become interested in buying again. According to Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, if you are looking to buy, now is a great time to find your dream Gilbert real estate property.


Where to Find Gilbert Real Estate Homes for Sale

Most people have not actually had to look for new homes for some time now, so naturally you may be a little lost when it comes to finding good Gilbert real estate properties. During the last periods of a booming housing market, most people used newspapers to advertise their home for sale, but if that is your source, you might be out of luck. People now are using the internet more than ever to list their Gilbert real estate properties. Search through listings on reputable sites like the Reeves Team webpages for the most up to date and accurate listings. Otherwise, the best method may be to pin down an area and visit neighborhoods in search of for sale signs – this is a great way to scope out the area and visit surrounding amenities before you commit to a certain neighborhood.


How to Get the Best Deal on Gilbert Real Estate Homes

Getting the best deal really depends on your individual situation. Visit the scenario below that best describes your current situation.

First Time Buyers

First time buyers are people who have never owned Gilbert real estate before. The best way to save big on your first home is going through a loan program with incentives for first time buyers.

Current Home Owners

If you are a current Gilbert real estate home owner and you want to move, now is a great time to sell your home. It is likely that if you list your house very soon, you will get at or above list price – and that profit can be rolled over to your new home.

Buying Foreclosures

You can undoubtedly get a scorching deal on Gilbert real estate foreclosure properties, but you will have to be on your toes as these properties are becoming less common every day.

Purchasing New Homes

If you want to purchase a new Gilbert real estate build, you can expect to get great deals once contractors are able to build up their inventory. Over the next few months, you can expect to see more and more new builds.

Is the Gilbert Real Estate Market at “Booming” Status?

housing market_gilbert
photo credit http://bit.ly/16p15Gh

A recovering housing market is a sign of a recovering economy and can mean big gains in your Gilbert Real Estate property. It seems like we are hearing positive news every day on the condition of the housing market; according to Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, now if a great time to sell a home as the market is definitely booming!


Why Now is the Hot Time to Sell

According to recent reports and trends in the Gilbert Real Estate housing market, now is the time to think about listing your home for sale. Prices of homes are the highest they have been since the housing market crash and there are many interested buyers on the market today. With people feeling confident about the positive news about the housing market and signs of a recovering economy, buyers are ready to make their move, literally. There is currently an imbalance in the amount of interested buyers and the number of homes on the Gilbert Real Estate market – there are far more buyers than available properties at this time.


Builders are Starting New Construction Again

Right now is an interesting time for new construction of Gilbert Real Estate. The construction industry is starting to recover and workers are rapidly rebuilding their crews. Builders are looking to rebuild their businesses and worth in their industry and they are not wasting any time. New construction on homes is starting to pick back up for the first time in years. This means if you wait too long, your listing will be competing with newly constructed homes. Builders are also known for offering better deals and more attractive incentives on homes since they are looking to sell fast and in quantity – this could mean that you will be forced to lower the price of your home if you want to sell quickly once the new construction has caught up to demand.


Quick Tips on Selling

Selling your home in the current climate is going to be easier than it has been in the recent years, but a few quick tips could make your Gilbert Real Estate stand out from the rest.

-Post a sign in your yard that’s visible from the road

– Advertise your property for sale on reputable sites

-Use your social media networks to let your connections know you are selling your home

-Let a professional from the Troy Reeves Team take over for the quickest sell!


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Don’t Wait: NOW is the Time to Sell in East Valley!

Due to an unusual shortage in inventory of homes for sale in East Valley, now is the perfect time to sell your home. The Reeves Teams has been watching the Arizona MLS very carefully and we can see that buyers are very active right now and houses are being snatched up. While Troy Reeves believes that the market will continue to grow in East Valley, it will do so at a more manageable rate and buyers will no longer be making knee jerk decisions based on low inventory.


Based on our expert projections and by gauging the current market, we do not anticipate there being a better time in the near future to list your property for sale.


Get the most money for your home by acting on an extremely ideal situation in the market that has been created by a very specific set of factors – these unique factors are inspiring people to make offers 5-7% above list price. With buyers so ready to purchase a home that they are making those kinds of offers for already inflated prices, your home is a hot commodity right now! Read on to discover why the next 90 days could mean the best offers and quickest sale of your home.


Why is NOW so Important?

The urgency to sell now is based off of a frenzy created in the market due to the lowest inventory of homes for sale over the last 26 weeks, and counting. April, May, and June are by far our busiest months for showing homes with May, June, and the beginning of July being our top months for closing. People are getting their tax refunds back and can afford the down payment on a new house – this is something people wait all year to do! Parents are looking to move and get settled into a new community by the time their children go back to school and are not going to wait until the new school year starts to relocate.

gilbert real estate market_listings_2013


Why This Year is the Year to Sell

Anyone who sold a home in the 2005-2006 year range remembers a time when multiple offers were being made on homes, and that was during a time when prices were around double what they are now! The situation is very similar in the sense that there are fewer homes for sale than there are interested buyers. Adding to the situation is the fact that there are new six figure industries establishing branches in the area and East Valley is becoming home to several high dollar employment positions – this is helping the median price range of East Valley real estate! With the economy showing signs of stabilization, people are more confident now than they have been since the crash in making important financial decisions.


What’s Going to Change in 3 Months? 

What we are going to see very soon is the construction market catching up due to the financial recovery of individuals and businesses. Home builders will start building again very soon and the amount of new homes on the market is going to match or exceed demand. The summer is also a major time for the new home industry since longer working hours allow builders to complete homes in less time. When the new builds catch up to the demand, there will be far less buyers willing to compete with high offers for your home.


gilbert real estate market_listings_2013

In three months, people will also be less excited about looking for new homes when they are facing back to school expenses and the approaching holidays once we roll into the fall season. On the other hand, homebuyers do not want to start moving when it is super hot out and prolonged periods loading and unloading moving trucks become dangerous. Sellers have also caught word from the local and national news that the market is coming up and the REO/Bank owned business is on its way down, meaning short sales are not nearly as common as they were this time last year. These factors create a very specific window, and this may be the best year in almost a decade to sell.


There’s No Time to Wait

Arizona residents should not wait any longer to list their homes as we believe the window will be closing over the next two months. When the amount of homes listed versus wanted catches up, the market will stabilize and homeowners will find that they have to settle on low ball offers. There’s also no need to hold out on new builds, the Troy Reeves Team can help you purchase a new build at no cost to you! Let us help you get your home sold quickly and at an amazing price, but don’t wait too long or you might miss the best offers for years!

gilbert real estate market_listings_2013


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The Scary Truth? Or A Real AZ Housing Recovery?

phoenix housing market recovery

Housing economists across the nation are watching the Phoenix housing market very, very closely right now for one reason: the truth. A recent cover story by Bloomberg Business Week paints a pretty optimistic picture, and yet on the flip side (pun intended) over at the Washington Post a very different picture is being portrayed. So what’s the truth? Is the Phoenix housing market truly turning around, or is it another inflating bubble that is getting ready to burst, again?



Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg got A LOT of flack for a recent cover story featuring minorities with loads of cash in a new home. In fact, they received so much criticism they issued a formal apology, saying “our cover illustration last week got strong reactions, which we regret. Our intention was not to incite or offend. If we had to do it over again, we’d do it differently.”


Why was the cover so offensive, especially to Phoenix residents? According to the NYPost, all of the characters depicted in a cartoon house awash in money were drawn to look like minorities – implying that they were the ones expected to trigger the next (housing) bubble.


In the controversial Bloomberg article, Phoenix is painted as on the road to recovery, with job growth at 3% over the last year, almost twice as much as the national rate, and home prices going up because inventory is low. Phoenix home prices have increased 88% in the last three months of 2012, according to the National Association of Realtors, which could mean a Phoenix housing recovery.


The Bloomberg article goes on to point out that Phoenix was the epicenter of the housing crash, and could be the epicenter of the housing boom. From realtors to flippers and ‘boomerang buyers,  everyone had something to gain back in 2005 and something to gain today.


Sidebar: With that in mind, how do you know who to trust when selecting an Arizona real estate agent? According to the Bloomberg article, everyone is out to make money and nothing else. Back when things were goo before the housing crash, people quite their jobs to get into real estate simply for the money. Typically, that’s a great sign of a realtor’s intentions. Ask them how long they’ve been in the business and why they got into the business. You’ll find that there are very few Phoenix realtors as genuine and hard working as those on the Reeves Team.


The Washington Post

A recent article from The Washington Post deeply criticizes Bloomberg BusinessWeek for their cover story, calling it a ‘regrettable turn.’ The Washington Posts questions “whether this is a sustainable recovery or whether profit-minded developers, flippers, brokers and so forth could be blowing up another bubble waiting to pop.


Because job growth is still low and many homes are still empty, many economists see this growth as less sustainable “making it a poor bet to expect home prices to keep rising.”


Another aspect left out of the Bloomberg article is “how mortgage fraud, predatory lending and other abusive practices also fueled the original housing bubble and subsequent crisis….Arizona was among the states with the highest number of subprime mortgages – and the weakest anti-predatory lending laws.”


So, are those structural problems still in existence as we work towards a Phoenix housing recovery? Troy Reeves and the Reeves Team knows this market inside and out, and will take care of you like no other agent in Arizona. With more years of experience than can be counted, and a wealth of knowledge on the Arizona housing market, the Reeves Team will keep you protected and keep your best interests at heart. Give us a call today to get the truth about the Arizona housing market, and when you should buy, or sell!  480.892.1969


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