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8 Quick Tips for Selling Gilbert Homes Fast

Gilbert homes for sale

If you want to sell Gilbert Homes fast, it is going to take a little effort, but quick sells are totally possible. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team notes that it is about timing and taking a few extra steps to pull in the right Gilbert Homes buyers. Follow this quick guide to getting the edge on the Gilbert Homes market in order to sell as quick as possible.


Pump Up Curb Appeal of Gilbert Homes

  • Pressure wash walkways and the house’s siding
  • Freshen up mailbox posts and replace box if needed
  • Thoroughly clean from windows
  • Stain or paint wood trim and front porch
  • Plant plants with blooms
  • Keep grass perfectly cut while listing is active


Make Your House Sparkling Clean 

  • Start with a basic clean (remove trash, wipe down counters, etc.)
  • Organize all spaces to perfection to remove clutter
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Polish hardwood flooring
  • Dust all vents, ceiling fans, blinds and behind all furniture and appliances
  • Polish granite countertops and fixtures


Create an Inviting Dining Room in Gilbert Homes

  • Buy or borrow a formal table if you don’t already have one
  • Use a clean and attractive table cloth to cover it
  • Set down placemats
  • Arrange place settings and silverware
  • Use a very attractive center piece


Rearrange Your Gilbert Homes Living Room 

  • Make your furniture symmetrical
  • Create open walkways through your living room furniture
  • Use pillows and throw blankets to hide soiled and old chairs & couches
  • Replace the television space with mirrors to make the room look bigger


Pay Extra Attention to Walls 

  • Repaint any walls with bright colors
  • Choose neutral colors when painting
  • Repair and touch up any damage


Make Bedrooms Gender Neutral in Gilbert Homes

  • Change children’s rooms to gender neutral themes
  • Remove anything overly gender biased (pink, floral, blue, etc.) from all rooms
  • Create a hotel like appearance (clean, tidy, plain)


Give Your Closets Some Attention

  • Organize closets
  • Put clutter into storage
  • Arrange clothes by color
  • Put shoes on racks
  • Leave closet doors open when showing (they’re going to look anyways, open doors make the space look larger)


Make Gilbert Homes Appear Pet Free

  • Remove your animals during showings
  • Make sure your home is fur free
  • Have stains and odors professionally removed 

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Gilbert Homes Foreclosures on the Decline

During the foreclosure crisis, which began in September of 2008, around 4.4 million homes went into foreclosure across the United States. The Gilbert Homes community was impacted just like the rest of the nation and many houses in the area went into foreclosure as well. Most of the Gilbert Homes that foreclosures as a result of the housing crisis have since been bought by private homeowners and investors and far fewer are going into foreclosure, according to Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team. This news is great for people looking to sell Gilbert Homes, people who want to refi or own Gilbert Homes, and new Gilbert Homes buyers. This also signals more positivity that the economy is on the rebound. Find out what’s going on in the market and what this all means for Gilbert Homes buyers and homeowners.


Fewer Foreclosures Across the Country 

In May of 2013, U.S. foreclosures, which includes homes that were in any stage of foreclosure, hovered around 1 million. Last year in May, that number was at 1.4 million. Over the past year, this country has seen almost a 30% decline in foreclosures nationwide. Also, around 2.3 million mortgage loans are considered to be seriously delinquent — that’s only 5.6% of mortgages in the United States. The number of seriously late mortgages in May is the lowest it has been since the end of 2008. In 42 different states in this country, the number of delinquent homes has decreased by double digit numbers. We also know that the current rate of problematic home loans is down to only 0.73% and will likely continue to drop.


What This Means When Selling or Buying Gilbert Homes 

If you are buying or selling Gilbert Homes, this is really good news for you. When there are fewer loans in delinquent statuses or going through foreclosure, lenders are far more willing to offer mortgage loans. Buyers can now more easily qualify for mortgages on Gilbert Homes — making it much easier to sell Gilbert Homes. This information also signals more stability in the economy and housing market, making buying a home a much safer investment now than it has been in quite some time.

Gilbert Homes Mortgage Borrowers to Get Reduced Payments

stay in your gilbert home

The start of July marked the beginning of relief for thousands of people who have been struggling to pay their  mortgage. Borrows of Gilbert Homes mortgages could get help getting back on track with their loan payments and save money in the process. Troy Reeves with the Troy Reeves Team has seen many homeowners able to recover from late mortgage payments already – making it easier to stay current with their loan or sell their Gilbert Homes properties and buy new. Learn about the new efforts to help homeowners who are struggling because they are behind on their mortgage payments of Gilbert Homes.


How Gilbert Homes Borrowers Are Getting Help

A new program known as Streamlined Modification Initiative is helping borrowers who have mortgaged backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This program is intended to help borrowers of Gilbert Homes and other nationwide wide homes mortgages who are at least 90 days behind on their loan payments. The loan must be at least 1 year old and the borrower cannot be more than 2 years behind on payments.


These borrowers will behind to receive offers from lenders that will help to lower their mortgage payments. The Federal Housing Finance Agency, or FHFA, is the agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – they have yet to release how many homeowners will receive mortgage payment modification offers, but the number is expected to be in the hundreds of thousands. Currently, around 1.1 million people are behind on their mortgage loans nationwide.


Why This is Better for Gilbert Homes Borrowers Than Programs of the Past

This process is set up to be easier for homeowners than previous programs set to help borrowers keep their homes. Unlike other similar efforts, this program will bypass filing any financial paperwork by the homeowners. Gilbert Homes borrowers and others from around the nation will get a three month trial period for the new payment until it becomes permanent.


Lenders will begin to lower monthly payments by extending the Gilbert Homes mortgage loan terms or reduce the interest rates. This program could equate to big savings for people who have high rate loans or those who haven’t qualified for refinancing to lower rates.


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Get More Offers on Gilbert Homes


Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, frequently gets questions from sellers of Gilbert Homes about how to get multiple offers. Getting multiple offers on Gilbert Homes gives you more flexibility, more bargaining leverage, and will ultimately result in a better price on your sell. Here are some quick tips on how Gilbert Homes sellers can get multiple offers – as well as how buyers of Gilbert Homes can compete with other interested parties.


Sellers of Gilbert Homes

The first step on the road to getting multiple offers is making sure your Gilbert Homes are in the best condition possible. Spruce up the place and make sure all surfaces are free of clutter, dirt, debris, etc. Also, repainting helps on both the inside and outside as well as pressure washing the driveway & siding, and make sure the yard is well manicured.


Once that’s done, its time to build up interested parties. Use your personal networks to extend your reach to buyers and get the word out there about your Gilbert Homes for sale. Also, spread the word around the neighborhood about your home before it ever even goes on the market so neighbors can build anticipation amongst their friends and family who might want to live in the Chandler Homes community.


You’ll also want to get a professional agent on board like those who work for the Troy Reeves Team. Pros know all of the proven techniques in reeling in buyers and getting them to make an offer.


How Buyers Can Compete

Buyers in this market are definitely competing for certain Gilbert Homes properties because inventory has not yet exceeded demand. If you want to get the home of your dreams at an affordable price, you’ll need to be prepared.


Start off by saving a sizable deposit and pre-qualifying for a mortgage before you ever step foot in a home for sale. When you find the home you want, you’ll need to move quickly and make an offer fast. Some buyers will even take offers much lower than asking if you’re willing to start the buying process right away.


You’ll also want to keep your demands to a minimum. Sellers aren’t going to jump through hoops for buyers if there are multiple offers on the table.


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Renovate Gilbert Homes Before the Sell

housing market_gilbert

The American real estate market is heating up for the first time after a very long slumber, following the crash. After a few dark years of declining sales and now a clear path to a strengthening market and economy, home improvement spending is on the increase again. If you are planning on renovating Gilbert Homes before making a sell, but have been holding off until the economy strengthens to do it, now is the time to act!

The rising cost of homes and lowered mortgage rates are prompting people to buy and sell Gilbert Homes again. With an improved market, you will likely be able to get a better price from the sell of Gilbert Homes if you invest into renovations first. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team is now advising his sellers to spruce up their homes before the sell to compete for Gilbert Homes buyers.


Why is it a Good Time Now to Renovate Gilbert Homes Before the Sell?

If you are planning to get started on your home improvement project before the sell of your home, you have make a very smart decision. By doing simple upgrades, you can greatly increase the value of your home. When you increase the value of your home, your house is more likely to sell at a higher price, and spend much less time on the market.

Staying Within a Budget While Renovating Gilbert Homes

When you are doing a makeover on Gilbert Homes, you will need to have a budget if you want the renovations to end up in a profit. Establishing a cap, or the absolute most you’ll spend on the renovation, will help you greatly in the process. For the most part, your Gilbert Homes budget should be divided into rooms. Your Gilbert Homes kitchen should account for the most of the budget out of all of the rooms – followed by basement areas, bathrooms, half-baths, living room/family room, and bedrooms. Gilbert Homes homeowners should also put the most focus on projects that don’t require tearing down walls or making additions to the structure. Little details matter and shouldn’t be overlooked; put a lot of attention on fixtures and things like lighting to make the biggest impact with the smallest budget.

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Landscaping Makes Gilbert Homes More Valuable

Quality landscaping can not only offer you a nice relaxing personal environment, but it can also boost the value of your Gilbert Homes. Consumers find certain aspects of lawn care more appealing and by playing into this appeal, you can help your Gilbert Homes to sell faster and at a better value. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team routinely advises sellers to spruce up their lawns and gardens to better appeal to potential buyers. Learn about improving a sell with landscaping.

gilbert homes and landscaping
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Why People Want in Landscaping of Gilbert Homes 

When it comes to selling Gilbert Homes, there’s major payoff in knowing what works and what doesn’t in landscaping. Poor curb appeal can significantly decrease your property value and make buyers far less interested in your property. Poorly designed and maintained landscaping is one of the biggest factors in bringing down curb appeal.

The way people perceive value of Gilbert Homes is actually impacted by your landscaping. Even just the presence of a single tree can increase your real estate value and Certain factors that change this perception include plant type & size, and design within the Gilbert Homes landscaping. This information tells us that landscaping for better home value extends beyond the basics like just planting flowers and plants around the property. Many experts in landscaping note that people notice the sophistication in the landscape first, and then plant size and maturity second.


Increasing Gilbert Homes Value with Landscape Today

People like trees, and their presence can increase value of Gilbert Homes significantly. Trees not only add aesthetic appeal, they also provide shade and shelter in harsh weather. If your property does not have any trees, you can purchase faster growing trees to bump up appeal quickly – but trees do take around 10 years to fully mature, so don’t expect to have a nice tall tree with a thick trunk in a month. Other options include laying fresh sod, refreshing flower beds, replacing worn edging, and planting shrubs. Don’t get caught up in planting and adding and forget the basics either, make sure your Gilbert Homes landscaping has freshly cut grass, trimmed hedges, and is free of weeds.


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Gilbert Real Estate Summer Selling Tips

Troy Reeves Team_Gilbert Remax

The Troy Reeves Team is experiencing a high number of Gilbert real estate home sales and are encouraging people to sell their homes now for the quickest and most profitable sales. Read the tips below on selling your Gilbert real estate in the summer, based on the techniques that work best for the founder of the team, Troy Reeves.

Post Signs

Posting a sign on your Gilbert real estate property is one of the most basic and important steps to putting your house on the market. An easily read for sale sign will let neighbors and passerby’s know that you are selling your home. This will generate leads from word of mouth and people who are visiting the area trying to find a home to buy.

Make Fliers

A well-made flier can generate a lot of interest in your Gilbert real estate home and answer a lot of questions the buyers may have. Fliers should include the important information about your Gilbert real estate property – this will generate high quality leads as potential buyers will already know a lot about the property before the showing.

Advertise Online

If you want to be found by buyers, you have to list your Gilbert real estate property online. There are many free sites, but higher quality leads come from reputable sites like the ones hosted by the Troy Reeves Team.


Tap into your network of contacts to find people who want to buy your Gilbert real estate for sale. Use your Facebook pages, Twitter followers, and Google+ account to let your followers know that you have a hot listing! Just be careful to not overdo it by positing your Gilbert real estate listing links too much or you might lose followers!

Keep Your House Cool

It sounds a little silly, but make sure your house is cool when people come to look at it this summer. People are far more willing to spend more time looking at your Gilbert real estate if they are comfortable – they can also envision themselves living comfortably in the home.

Be Flexible

The summer time tends to change people’s schedules – teachers are out for the year, kids are at home, and summer vacations are the top priority for most people when it comes to scheduling. Make sure your Gilbert real estate home is open for showing when potential buyers are available. Have a plan in place with your agent for showing your property while you are working or out of town.

Don’t Wait Until School Starts

If you wait until school starts to list your Gilbert real estate home for sale, you might lose out of reaching many buyers. Families with children are not likely to move during the school year – summertime is a huge time for families to relocate.


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Is Now the Time to Buy Gilbert Real Estate?

Gilbert_housing market
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Now is an exciting time for Gilbert real estate as positivity in the economy and the housing market is consistently improving. Before the crash of the housing marketing, buying Gilbert real estate was seen as an exciting investment – a notion many people lost over the grim last few years. Recently, data has come out that backs vast improvements in jobs and housing, so people are starting to become interested in buying again. According to Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, if you are looking to buy, now is a great time to find your dream Gilbert real estate property.


Where to Find Gilbert Real Estate Homes for Sale

Most people have not actually had to look for new homes for some time now, so naturally you may be a little lost when it comes to finding good Gilbert real estate properties. During the last periods of a booming housing market, most people used newspapers to advertise their home for sale, but if that is your source, you might be out of luck. People now are using the internet more than ever to list their Gilbert real estate properties. Search through listings on reputable sites like the Reeves Team webpages for the most up to date and accurate listings. Otherwise, the best method may be to pin down an area and visit neighborhoods in search of for sale signs – this is a great way to scope out the area and visit surrounding amenities before you commit to a certain neighborhood.


How to Get the Best Deal on Gilbert Real Estate Homes

Getting the best deal really depends on your individual situation. Visit the scenario below that best describes your current situation.

First Time Buyers

First time buyers are people who have never owned Gilbert real estate before. The best way to save big on your first home is going through a loan program with incentives for first time buyers.

Current Home Owners

If you are a current Gilbert real estate home owner and you want to move, now is a great time to sell your home. It is likely that if you list your house very soon, you will get at or above list price – and that profit can be rolled over to your new home.

Buying Foreclosures

You can undoubtedly get a scorching deal on Gilbert real estate foreclosure properties, but you will have to be on your toes as these properties are becoming less common every day.

Purchasing New Homes

If you want to purchase a new Gilbert real estate build, you can expect to get great deals once contractors are able to build up their inventory. Over the next few months, you can expect to see more and more new builds.

Thinking of Becoming a Gilbert Real Estate Landlord? Make Sure You’re Ready

investment_gilbert, AZ

The Gilbert real estate market is booming and with such positivity about housing in the air, many are wondering if now might be a good time to rent out their Gilbert real estate property. Not only that, but people are keeping their eye out for listings for sale and wondering if now would be a good time to get into the rental business by buying up new Gilbert real estate properties. Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, has reported an exceptionally high number of inquiries about buying homes to rent out. Preparing to rent out a Gilbert real estate property is a major decision and preparation is key – find out what you need to know about investing into rental properties and becoming a landlord before you make the leap.


Renting Your Gilbert Real Estate Property Yourself or Using a Property Manager

Deciding on renting out your Gilbert real estate property yourself or hiring a professional to run the process for you is a pivotal decision in the whole process. There are definite benefits and disadvantages to either decision you make. If you decide to rent the property out yourself, you will save yourself money up front and possibly lower your overhead. However, if you are not familiar with the process, you may end up losing money in the long run! A property manager or Gilbert real estate professional can play an important role in advertising, showing, and assisting with legal documents such as lease agreements. Certain professionals will even take over the whole process and act as the middle man between you and your tenants and handle all of the logistics of collecting rent, hiring repairmen, and evictions if need be. Hiring a professional to manage your rental will mean less money from monthly rent payments, but it is most definitely worth it for some homeowners.


When Selling is the Better Option for Your Gilbert Real Estate Home

If you are not up for the task of renting, now is a great time to sell your home. The Gilbert real estate market is wide open for sellers – buyers are desperately trying to find good homes now that the economy is showing signs of improvement. Don’t hesitate for long though because the Gilbert real estate market is soon going to be flooded by new construction and supply versus demand will likely even out by this time next year.


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Is the Gilbert Real Estate Market at “Booming” Status?

housing market_gilbert
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A recovering housing market is a sign of a recovering economy and can mean big gains in your Gilbert Real Estate property. It seems like we are hearing positive news every day on the condition of the housing market; according to Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, now if a great time to sell a home as the market is definitely booming!


Why Now is the Hot Time to Sell

According to recent reports and trends in the Gilbert Real Estate housing market, now is the time to think about listing your home for sale. Prices of homes are the highest they have been since the housing market crash and there are many interested buyers on the market today. With people feeling confident about the positive news about the housing market and signs of a recovering economy, buyers are ready to make their move, literally. There is currently an imbalance in the amount of interested buyers and the number of homes on the Gilbert Real Estate market – there are far more buyers than available properties at this time.


Builders are Starting New Construction Again

Right now is an interesting time for new construction of Gilbert Real Estate. The construction industry is starting to recover and workers are rapidly rebuilding their crews. Builders are looking to rebuild their businesses and worth in their industry and they are not wasting any time. New construction on homes is starting to pick back up for the first time in years. This means if you wait too long, your listing will be competing with newly constructed homes. Builders are also known for offering better deals and more attractive incentives on homes since they are looking to sell fast and in quantity – this could mean that you will be forced to lower the price of your home if you want to sell quickly once the new construction has caught up to demand.


Quick Tips on Selling

Selling your home in the current climate is going to be easier than it has been in the recent years, but a few quick tips could make your Gilbert Real Estate stand out from the rest.

-Post a sign in your yard that’s visible from the road

– Advertise your property for sale on reputable sites

-Use your social media networks to let your connections know you are selling your home

-Let a professional from the Troy Reeves Team take over for the quickest sell!


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