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Selling Chandler Homes While Buying a New One: How to Pull it Off

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When you are buying and selling separate Chandler Homes at the same time, it can be difficult to pull off. This common practice is known as move up buying and many people used to do it before the decline in the housing market. Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, has cited an uptake in move-up buyers and has a few tips when you are looking to buy Chandler Homes, but are also selling current Chandler Homes simultaneously. The process of selling while buying can be tricky, but is completely possible with a high level of planning and forethought.


Buying and Selling Chandler Homes at the Same Time

Here’s the common scenarios in Chandler Homes buying and selling, and how to handle them:


Buy Chandler Homes Then Sell the Old One 

Buying a home and then selling your current home is the easiest on you and your family. This way of buying a new home allows you to take your time and only move once. The downside of doing things this way is that you’ll be paying for two mortgage payments if your current property isn’t already paid-off; it does workout the best if your current home is paid off beforehand.


Sell Chandler Homes Then Buy the New One

Selling your current Chandler Homes and then buying new ones is the safest way to go about move up buying – but it can be the most exhausting way to do things. When you sell your current property before buying a new one, you will go through the entire process of selling your house before buying another. Before you buy your new house, you’ll already be completely moved out of the old one and will have moved into a rental or in with relatives or friends. Doing it this way will mean multiple moves and you’ll likely have to come out of pocket for storage rentals as well. On the other hand, you can take as much time as you need finding your new purchase without rushing the process.


Sell Your Chandler Homes While Buying

Timing is key when you are selling and buying at the same time. This is the ideal situation in theory, but snags in the plans could completely throw you off. Don’t attempt to tackle this trickiest of all options without a well thought out back up plan if either house should have problems before signing.

Know the Different Types of Chandler Homes

chandler homes

There are many types of Chandler Homes on the market and understanding which type would best fit your lifestyle will help you pick your new property. According to Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team, there are three major types of homes that people are listing for sale the most. Read on to learn which one would suit you best.


Town House

Chandler Homes town houses are typically narrow, tall, row houses with two or more levels. This kind of housing was once reserved for packed cities but their functionality has made them a more popular suburban type of Chandler Homes. Modern town homes are in communities similar to those like apartment complexes.



These kinds of Chandler Homes have their own unique benefits. Most of the time, a town house is cheaper per square foot than an unattached house. This means that you will get more value for your money. When you purchase a town house, you own the house and designated property and you are free to do with it as you like.



When you live in a town house, you can’t make many changes to the outside of the house or property. You will also have to get used to living in close proximity to your neighbors.



A condo is somewhat like an apartment or town house. It is attached housing but rarely comes with any landownership.



Some people enjoy living in a community where they don’t have to maintain property and the community is usually overseen by a homeowner’s association or property management company. Older residents favor these types of Chandler Homes because of the low maintenance aspects.



When it comes to these kinds of Chandler Homes, the benefits and disadvantages can be the same – it’s all about your perspective. When you live in these Chandler Homes, most of the area is common so you have little to no control over the appearance and upkeep of the surrounding property. You will also have little control over the noise level of your neighbors, pedestrians outside, etc.


Houses are the most common type of Chandler Homes and come with the highest value per square foot on average.



Chandler Homes that are houses come with the most benefits. You have total control over the property and the house itself. A house also tends to hold its value for longer.



When Chandler Homes which are houses need maintenance, you are completely responsible for the charges. House are also more expensive per square foot than other types of Chandler Homes.


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Why Some Chandler Homes Get Negative Leads

Gilbert homes for sale

Believe it or not, not all leads are good leads when it comes to selling your property in Chandler, AZ. According to Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, some Chandler Homes on the market draw in negative leads because of the way the homeowner decides to go about selling their house. Learn about the ways you might be drawing negative attention to your properties for sale in Chandler.


There is a Right Way to List Chandler Homes

When it comes to the best way to list Chandler Homes, there is a right way and a wrong way. Listing Chandler Homes on the wrong sites could lead to the wrong kind of attention. Popular sites which offer free listings may seem attractive, but lister beware! When you list Chandler Homes on a free site, you are doing many things wrong. To start, you are listing your home amongst many fake ads created to draw people in for illegal and unsavory purposes (to collect information for identity fraud, scams, etc.). The free sites are also heavily saturated and your postings can easily get lost in a sea of other Chandler Homes. Many of the responses you will get off free sites are also 100% fake and might even open you up to becoming a victim of internet crimes. List your home with reputable sites only.


Advertising Chandler Homes the Wrong Ways


Much like listing your home the wrong way, you might also be advertising your home in way that’s drawing in people who are only trying to kill time, not buy a house. It may sound like a contradiction, but being too available for showings might attract non-serious buyers and scare off real buyers. To stave off people who are just curious about your floor plan, or snoopy neighbors looking for decorating ideas, make your home available for a virtual tour online. Show your home by appointment only to keep the open house ‘lookie loos’ at a minimum – an appointment will also give the interested buyers an opportunity to get individualized attention from your agent.


Why Using a Chandler Homes Agent is Beneficial


Professionals like the agents at the Troy Reeves Team are experts in what works and how to get quality buyers to your listings and showings. An agent can advise you on all aspects of the selling of your Chandler Homes, including which tactics you should avoid. Chandler Homes agents also have more pull with qualified leads as they have an earned reputation that both buyers and sellers can trust when purchasing a new home.


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Top 7 Moving Tips from an Expert in Relocating to New Chandler Real Estate

Gilbert_housing market
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Moving is amongst one of the most stressful processes in life – even though it is very exciting at the same time! Chandler Real Estate expert Troy Reeves from the Troy Reeves Team has helped many people buy new homes and has seven expert tips on making the move as painless as possible.


Tip 1: Notify Every One of Your New Address a Month in Advance

At least a month before you plan to move to your new Chandler Real Estate home, it is important to let everyone know about your change in address. Giving people and companies a month’s notice will allow them to have enough time to update their records, making it a smoother transition to your new Chandler Real Estate address.


Tip 2: Make Arrangements for Utilities

Some utility companies need anywhere from a couple of days to a month (especially cable and internet!) to turn on your Chandler Real Estate utilities. Give them proper notice so you’re not in the dark when you’re trying to move in.


Tip 3: Prepare Overnight Bags

Overnight bags can be lifesavers when you are moving to new Chandler Real Estate properties. Pack a bag for each family member that includes a few days’ worth of clothes, toiletries, and a first aid kit.


Tip 4: Reserve Rentals Ahead of Time

You are likely to get a better deal on rental trucks when you book them far in advance. Before you move to your new Chandler Real Estate house, have your truck booked at least two weeks in advance.


Tip 5: Reconsider Weekend Chandler Real Estate Moves

Moving on the weekend means higher rental truck/car rates, higher hotel rates, and more traffic. The middle of the day during the work week is an ideal time to relocate to Chandler Real Estate properties.


Tip 6: Secure Your Vehicles/Home While You Move

Sadly, when you are in between two Chandler Real Estate houses, your property is vulnerable. Secure and double check your cars and entry ways to both homes during the moving process while you cannot keep a close eye on everything.


Tip 7: Board Your Pets with a Friend or Kennel

Pets often feel distress during the Chandler Real Estate relocation process. Have a trusted friend or local kennel care for your pets while you are moving to ease their anxiety of back and forth travel and change.


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House Hunting Tips for When You’re Buying Chandler Real Estate Foreclosures

housing market_gilbert

A foreclosure is a Chandler Real Estate property that has been repossessed by the bank due to non-payment by the borrower. When the bank can legally sell these properties, they usually do so at a deeply discounted rate, or the home goes into auction and the house will go to the highest bidder. Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, advises that fewer foreclosures are on the market now and if you want to buy one, you need to act fast!


Find an Agent Who Specializes in Chandler Real Estate Foreclosures

Agents like those who work for the Troy Reeves team have vast experience with Chandler Real Estate foreclosed properties. When using an experienced agent, they can advise on where the best properties are, how to bid on an auction property, and advise you about making a final decision on a home. Professionals in Chandler Real Estate have been through this process before with many clients and know what to look for and how to spot red flags.


Be Realistic About Selling Your Current Chandler Real Estate Home

This does not apply to first time Chandler Real Estate buyers, but current homeowners need to be realistic about how quickly they expect to sell their property. Foreclosures sell fast and if you are not ready to buy, most of the properties you view will be gone when you are ready. If you need to sell your house first, wait until you have a hard offer before starting your search for foreclosed homes.


Do a Thorough Inspection of all Chandler Real Estate Foreclosure Properties

One of the biggest problems with buying a foreclosed home is that people may not know what they have gotten themselves into until it is too late. Chandler Real Estate foreclosures are sold “as is” and unlike personally owned homes, the bank is not going to repair anything before or after purchase. For this reason, it is advisable to hire a certified inspector and/or building contractor to thoroughly inspect the home for mold, structural damage, electrical problems and other issues which the untrained eye may miss when viewing Chandler Real Estate properties.


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Is Now the Time to Buy Gilbert Real Estate?

Gilbert_housing market
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Now is an exciting time for Gilbert real estate as positivity in the economy and the housing market is consistently improving. Before the crash of the housing marketing, buying Gilbert real estate was seen as an exciting investment – a notion many people lost over the grim last few years. Recently, data has come out that backs vast improvements in jobs and housing, so people are starting to become interested in buying again. According to Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, if you are looking to buy, now is a great time to find your dream Gilbert real estate property.


Where to Find Gilbert Real Estate Homes for Sale

Most people have not actually had to look for new homes for some time now, so naturally you may be a little lost when it comes to finding good Gilbert real estate properties. During the last periods of a booming housing market, most people used newspapers to advertise their home for sale, but if that is your source, you might be out of luck. People now are using the internet more than ever to list their Gilbert real estate properties. Search through listings on reputable sites like the Reeves Team webpages for the most up to date and accurate listings. Otherwise, the best method may be to pin down an area and visit neighborhoods in search of for sale signs – this is a great way to scope out the area and visit surrounding amenities before you commit to a certain neighborhood.


How to Get the Best Deal on Gilbert Real Estate Homes

Getting the best deal really depends on your individual situation. Visit the scenario below that best describes your current situation.

First Time Buyers

First time buyers are people who have never owned Gilbert real estate before. The best way to save big on your first home is going through a loan program with incentives for first time buyers.

Current Home Owners

If you are a current Gilbert real estate home owner and you want to move, now is a great time to sell your home. It is likely that if you list your house very soon, you will get at or above list price – and that profit can be rolled over to your new home.

Buying Foreclosures

You can undoubtedly get a scorching deal on Gilbert real estate foreclosure properties, but you will have to be on your toes as these properties are becoming less common every day.

Purchasing New Homes

If you want to purchase a new Gilbert real estate build, you can expect to get great deals once contractors are able to build up their inventory. Over the next few months, you can expect to see more and more new builds.

Renting vs. Buying a Gilbert Home

for rent in Gilbert, AZ
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Trying to decide whether you should rent or buy Gilbert real estate can be a real challenge.  Sometimes buying a home just isn’t right for everyone and other times people don’t understand why buying a home can be so important.  Troy Reeves and the Troy Reeves team can help you find the perfect option for you.  Take a look at the differences to consider when renting vs. buying a home below.


If you rent a home, there is most likely zero maintenance that needs to be done.  Your landlord will usually take care of any repairs that need to be done at the house.  If you own your home, you will be in charge of paying for your own maintenance and property taxes.  It is easier to move when you are renting home as well.  If you need to move cities or leave your home location suddenly, you can work it out with your landlord rather then have to sell your property.


If you rent a home, you won’t receive tax breaks like you would if you owned a home and you also won’t build equity.  If you don’t have a set mortgage, which you would have if you owned a home, your rent can increase after you have lived in a place for a while.  Finally, you will have to ask approval from your landlord if you want to paint a wall or make a change to the home you are renting from them.  If you own your own home, you will have the freedom to decorate and do what you want to do with your home.  Also, if you own your home you can get settled into a community and use your home as an investment.


Contact Troy Reeves and the Troy Reeves team to help you find your perfect Gilbert real estate option.  As you can see from the outline above, purchasing a home has more benefits than renting a home.  Consider all of your options, as buying a home is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly.  Long-term homebuyers can invest in Gilbert real estate, which will build wealth and help plan for the future of themselves and their family. Take into consideration all of the benefits and contact Troy Reeves and the Troy Reeves today!


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Don’t Wait: NOW is the Time to Sell in East Valley!

Due to an unusual shortage in inventory of homes for sale in East Valley, now is the perfect time to sell your home. The Reeves Teams has been watching the Arizona MLS very carefully and we can see that buyers are very active right now and houses are being snatched up. While Troy Reeves believes that the market will continue to grow in East Valley, it will do so at a more manageable rate and buyers will no longer be making knee jerk decisions based on low inventory.


Based on our expert projections and by gauging the current market, we do not anticipate there being a better time in the near future to list your property for sale.


Get the most money for your home by acting on an extremely ideal situation in the market that has been created by a very specific set of factors – these unique factors are inspiring people to make offers 5-7% above list price. With buyers so ready to purchase a home that they are making those kinds of offers for already inflated prices, your home is a hot commodity right now! Read on to discover why the next 90 days could mean the best offers and quickest sale of your home.


Why is NOW so Important?

The urgency to sell now is based off of a frenzy created in the market due to the lowest inventory of homes for sale over the last 26 weeks, and counting. April, May, and June are by far our busiest months for showing homes with May, June, and the beginning of July being our top months for closing. People are getting their tax refunds back and can afford the down payment on a new house – this is something people wait all year to do! Parents are looking to move and get settled into a new community by the time their children go back to school and are not going to wait until the new school year starts to relocate.

gilbert real estate market_listings_2013


Why This Year is the Year to Sell

Anyone who sold a home in the 2005-2006 year range remembers a time when multiple offers were being made on homes, and that was during a time when prices were around double what they are now! The situation is very similar in the sense that there are fewer homes for sale than there are interested buyers. Adding to the situation is the fact that there are new six figure industries establishing branches in the area and East Valley is becoming home to several high dollar employment positions – this is helping the median price range of East Valley real estate! With the economy showing signs of stabilization, people are more confident now than they have been since the crash in making important financial decisions.


What’s Going to Change in 3 Months? 

What we are going to see very soon is the construction market catching up due to the financial recovery of individuals and businesses. Home builders will start building again very soon and the amount of new homes on the market is going to match or exceed demand. The summer is also a major time for the new home industry since longer working hours allow builders to complete homes in less time. When the new builds catch up to the demand, there will be far less buyers willing to compete with high offers for your home.


gilbert real estate market_listings_2013

In three months, people will also be less excited about looking for new homes when they are facing back to school expenses and the approaching holidays once we roll into the fall season. On the other hand, homebuyers do not want to start moving when it is super hot out and prolonged periods loading and unloading moving trucks become dangerous. Sellers have also caught word from the local and national news that the market is coming up and the REO/Bank owned business is on its way down, meaning short sales are not nearly as common as they were this time last year. These factors create a very specific window, and this may be the best year in almost a decade to sell.


There’s No Time to Wait

Arizona residents should not wait any longer to list their homes as we believe the window will be closing over the next two months. When the amount of homes listed versus wanted catches up, the market will stabilize and homeowners will find that they have to settle on low ball offers. There’s also no need to hold out on new builds, the Troy Reeves Team can help you purchase a new build at no cost to you! Let us help you get your home sold quickly and at an amazing price, but don’t wait too long or you might miss the best offers for years!

gilbert real estate market_listings_2013


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5 First Time Home Buyer Tips for Gilbert

gilbert home buying tips
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Are you looking for your first home to buy either for yourself or for your family?  Investing in Gilbert real estate is a smart decision and Troy Reeves and the Troy Reeves Team can help you out with just that!  If you are looking into your first Gilbert real estate investment, below are some tips to help you out!


Determine What You Can Afford

Be smart and realistic when you are looking at homes, meaning look at what you can and can not afford in Gilbert.  Pull up a mortgage calculator and figure out what your monthly payment is going to be so you know just how much you will be paying for your new home.  Be sure to take an average of bills, insurance, property tax, HOA and any other bills that you may be paying as well so you have an idea of your actual monthly payment.


Lender Qualification

When you determine what you can afford, it is a smart idea to see what your lender will actually loan you.  Your lender will need to look at your credit score, debt, income and more to determine what they will be willing to loan you.


Comparable Homes

One thing to keep in mind is how homes are selling in the Gilbert neighborhood you are looking at.  When you go to purchase your home, you want to make sure that homes in the same neighborhood are comparable.  If they aren’t, there may be a reason why and you should dig deeper into why the home you are looking at is either more or less than the others.


Learn Real Estate Vocab

If you are a first time buyer, you may not know what FHA means or why a short sale is called a short sale.  Your Gilbert real estate agent will be able to help you with the terminology and what everything means, but be sure to brush up on the lingo so you are properly versed while looking at homes.


Home Inspection

Finding the right home inspector is very important.  Be sure to consult with more than one and determine their qualifications, what you should expect in the report and how long it will take.  If the inspection uncovers a big problem, there may be a chance you will want to back out of the house, so be sure to have all of the major electrical, plumbing, foundation, etc. inspected.


Take all of these tips into consideration while you are looking for your new home to buy.  Be sure to contact Troy Reeves and the Troy Reeves team to help you purchase your new Gilbert real estate.


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Five Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor


Gilbert Realtor

Buying a new home can be tricky. However, the process can also be fun and easy if you have the right realtor. When you are looking for your new Gilbert real estate, keep these tips in mind as you choose the right realtor for you.

Get Referrals

Friends, neighbors and co-workers are often good sources for referrals. Get as many details as possible about their buying or selling experience with a particular agent. Were they happy with the service they received? Would they use the realtor again? You can also check the local yellow pages or search the Internet to scope out your options and find leads. If you’re selling, look for sold signs in your neighborhood.

Experience Counts

Whether you’re looking for a realtor to help you buy or sell a house, you don’t want to be part of someone’s learning curve. “One of the first questions you should ask a potential realtor is how long they’ve been licensed and how long they’ve worked in the area.

Area Expertise

Particularly in larger towns and cities, it’s wise to find a realtor that specializes in your neighborhood. A realtor’s neighborhood-specific knowledge can assist you with making savvy investments that account for factors other than just the property itself (schools, local amenities, neighborhood culture, etc.). This is an especially important tip for buying your new Gilbert real estate.

Listening Skills

Your realtor should listen to you. A realtor listening and hearing what you are saying is key to finding your perfect home. If you tell your realtor you want a three bedroom, two-bathroom house with a two car garage, the realtor should not be wasting your time showing you two bedroom houses or houses without two bathrooms. It is important to make sure your realtor listens.

Online Resources

You can further narrow your search by doing some online research on sites like Yelp and realtor.com to identify local realty companies and specific agents respectively. Keep an eye on relevant real estate transactions in your area (local newspapers, web sites, MLS listings, etc.), to see what names frequently pop up. This should give you a good idea of which realtors have specific expertise in your area.

These aren’t the only tips that are out there to keep in mind when choosing the right realtor. But they are five really good ones to keep in mind when you are looking for new Gilbert real estate.

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However, the process can also be fun and easy if you have the right realtor. When you are looking for your new Gilbert real estate, keep these tips in mind as you choose the right realtor for you.

If you tell your realtor you want a three bedroom, two-bathroom house with a two car garage, the realtor should not be wasting your time showing you two bedroom houses or houses without two bathrooms.

This should give you a good idea of which realtors have specific expertise in your area.

These aren’t the only tips that are out there to keep in mind when choosing the right realtor.