Superstition Vistas 

  Over the past few months DR Horton & Brookfield have been breaking ground on there newest communities in Apache Junction. DR Horton has been working vigorously to make sure that this is a smooth and fast process for the large growing city of Phoenix AZ. This community is expected to have over 10,500 homes in it and it will span over 2,750 Acers. DR Horton has started on these  communities one named reverence at Santan Vistas. We are unsure what models will be in place here in the new communities. I took some time to go to visit DR’s most common model’s that we believe will also be very popular here in the new communities. DR Hortons Dove model is the most common model in Santan Valley and expected to be very popular here in Reverence!!!

  Dr Horton has been hard at work over the past 6 months. We have watched over this time many things start to take shape, take a look for yourself with the photos we have taken from the sky what improvements have been made. Its crazy to think in the upcoming months and years we will continue to watch this community grow and expand.




Its a well known fact that Arizona is struggling with water in this time of drought, Apache Junction has taken this into consideration and making sure to build the correct infrastructure around and in Superstation Vistas to make sure that the residence have no unforeseen issues with water. I have included below the Preliminary Water Master Plan.



As you could imagine in the already densely populated Phoenix metropolitan area, Traffic is a big worry for the residence and engineers building out the roadways. Engineers have began to carefully designed and engineer the most UpToDate roadways ever. With over 10,000 homes and households coming to the southern Apache Junction area this needs to be thought about long in advance. I have included the current Preliminary main roadway system below. Take A Look!!!