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Trying to Sell Gilbert Real Estate? Don’t Forget to Clean These Odd Places!

The summer is in full swing and the Gilbert Real Estate market is as hot as the Arizona sun right now. A major part of getting your Gilbert Real Estate ready for showing is taking out the time from your day, or week in some cases, to thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom, inside and out! Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Teams tells his clients to clean good for the best sell. So, what are the areas you might be missing? You’ll probably be surprised that you overlooked these five areas!

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Clean Your Mailbox

When interested Gilbert Real Estate buyers pull up to your property, the first thing they will see is literally your mailbox. Your mailbox is visible from pretty far down the road in most circumstances and can set the tone for the real of the viewing of the Gilbert Real Estate showing. Use all purpose cleaners and scrum away stubborn stains. If cleaning isn’t enough, repainting will be worth the little time it takes.


Doors on the Outside of the House

The doors on your Gilbert Real Estate property have a major impact on the look of the house, and also get rough pretty quick. Wash thoroughly and hand a wreath hide any dings on your Gilbert Real Estate homes’ doors.


Under the Microwave in Your Gilbert Real Estate Kitchen

You don’t think about it much but what do you think it looks like under your microwave? If someone moved it to see the conditions of the counters, do you think it would cause you to lose the sale of your Gilbert Real Estate? Simply move the microwave and wipe away any dirt, dust and grime to avoid any embarrassments during a showing. Scrub underneath with baking soda for any really stubborn microwave related stains.


Vents and Returns

Cleaning the vents and returns in your house isn’t hard, but most people overlook this area. A dirty air vent or a grimy return vent can make a room look filthy that’s otherwise clean. Vacuum away the dust and then wipe the slats with soapy water.



Even if the appliances aren’t part of the sale of your Gilbert Real Estate, they still need to look showroom clean. Clean away any clutter sitting on top of them and clean until they are sparkling like new — but don’t worry if they aren’t actually all that new, clean matters over anything when it comes to how your appliances reflect on the home.

Bidding Wars Have Gilbert Real Estate Buyers Making Aggressive Moves

Rising prices and a tight inventory of Gilbert Real Estate for sale has buyers worried that homes are going to soon become less affordable. Since so many are looking to buy Gilbert Real Estate, more are willing to sell because there’s far more profit to be made right now — still, the market is now caught up with the amount of buyers. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team has seen more aggressive buyers now than any time in recent years.


When you look at how Gilbert Real Estate buying is going this year as compared to last year’s home buying season, it’s as different as night and day! The best deals are sadly long gone for Gilbert Real Estate buyers due to lower inventory, the rising home prices, and mortgage rates going up. Many sellers of Gilbert Real Estate are wondering how far buyers will go to get into a home before they lose out on any remaining deals.


Why Are Buyers of Gilbert Real Estate Desperate to Buy

With the booming Gilbert Real Estate market and housing market around the nation, it’s really the buyer who feels the pain. Most are worried that mortgage rates will skyrocket and so will the selling price of the home itself. People who want to buy a home within the next year also worry that they won’t find much within their budget that would be worth the buy. People who are looking to buy Gilbert Real Estate are really starting to feel the pressure to compete for the properties they way.


How Far Will Buyers Go for Gilbert Real Estate

The worries of Gilbert Real Estate buyers has people acting desperately to buy now. A recent housing survey found that the majority of buyers, 2 out of 3, are willing to use more aggressive tactics to win their home. These common tactics include unusual things like making bids above asking price, writing letters of plea to the seller, and not naming any conditions for the buy. Many are willing to pay the closing costs of the sellers and 1/4 are willing to pay up to 5% over asking price. Translation: it’s a great market to be a seller right now!


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What to Look for as a First Time Gilbert Real Estate Renter

Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team has noticed an uptake in the number of Gilbert Real Estate renters as of lately. Many are first time renters of Gilbert Real Estate and wonder what to be on the lookout for when selecting a new home. Below are the most important things to know about renting a house in the Gilbert Real Estate community.


Septic Tanks in Gilbert Real Estate

Most modern homes are not equipped with septic systems and have traditional plumbing. A septic system leads to a tank which has been buried in the ground, usually in the backyard. If a property you’re thinking about renting in Gilbert Real Estate has a septic tank, there are certain things you’ll need to avoid flushing such as cooking greases, oil of any kind, and liquid soaps which are not septic tank friendly. Failing to follow septic guidelines could cause a very nasty overflow or backup.


Surrounding Amenities

When looking for Gilbert Real Estate to rent, make sure you note what amenities are and are not there. Take notice of nearby grocery stores, farmers markets, drug stores, auto parts stores, restaurants, and so on.  If you need to have walking distance access to certain stores, ensure those exist in your area.


Pet Friendly Gilbert Real Estate

If you will be living with a cat, dog, or other pet, make sure you get the ‘OK’ from your landlord beforehand. Never assume that your pets will be welcome into your Gilbert Real Estate property for rent, this could end badly for everyone. Many times, if pets are not allowed on the property, but renters bring them along anyways, the landlord will either evict the tenants or give them the option of getting rid of their animals — neither is a choice any pet owner wants to face.



Once you view a Gilbert Real Estate rental, make sure you are clear about the required deposits before moving forward. The usually deposits for new renters include a security deposit, and a pet deposit for those who have animals — however, it is not unusual that the landlord collect additional cleaning deposits, credit risk deposits, and first and last months’ rent before allowing tenants to move in.


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People Are Still Renting Homes at a High Rate

While people are beginning to buy Gilbert Homes at the highest rate since the market crashed, there are still many choosing to rent instead. As prices of Gilbert Homes continue to rise and mortgage rates go up, people are starting to wonder if renting Gilbert Homes instead of selling or buying might be a better option. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team has noticed a lot more Gilbert Homes real estate investors who are looking to buy so they can rent out their properties.


Renting Gilbert Homes is Popular


In lieu of buying a house, many people are choosing to rent Gilbert Homes instead. Over 1 million people are renting homes nationwide since the housing crash. Many people are wondering if this is a temporary trend or if this will become a more permanent solution for housing.


Benefits of Renting Gilbert Homes Over Buying


From a renter’s perspective, now is actually a really good time to rent. A recent mortgage loan spike has a lot of people put off at the idea at buying. What could have been bought a month ago at one price now costs more, although the value of homes has not increased — it’s just the rate itself. In addition to just not wanting to pay the extra interest rate, there are still many people hoping to get a higher than asking price amount from their listings and if you’re not sure about buying, renting will save you from having to haggle in a competitive housing climate. Renters also get the luxury of making a minimal investment into the property they live in — when something needs to be repaired, it’s almost always the responsibility of the homeowner to fix it.


Should You Become a Landlord Instead of Selling Gilbert Homes


The first good piece of news when you want to rent out Gilbert Homes instead of selling is that vacancy is actually at an all time low for rental properties across the nation. Rental vacancy continues to decline and the cost of buying a house is on the rise, which means more people will be opting to rent instead of buy. Choosing to rent out your home instead of selling could be a smart long term financial move if you can afford to have two mortgages should your rental sit empty for any amount of time.

Low Down Payment Options for Gilbert Homes Mortgage Loans

Mortgage rates for Gilbert Homes and homes all across the country are on the rise, which means you might have to use more of your down payment towards to monthly payments instead of up front. While the larger the down payment for Gilbert Homes mortgage loans the better, some times that’s not really an option, especially if you want to get into Gilbert Homes before mortgage rates rise again. Some buyers can find no or low down payment loans and this trend is becoming more common once again. The founder of the Troy Reeves Team, Troy Reeves, has noted a lot more people buying with smaller loans and wants buyers to know that it’s completely doable. Check out your three best options for buying Gilbert Homes with smaller down payments.


VA Loans for Gilbert Homes


Currently, the VA, or Veterans Affairs guarantees mortgages for qualified veterans with no down payment contingencies. Although they go through the VA, private lenders originate these loans and the borrower pays a funding fee that can be added to the total loan amount. Fees can vary and depend on if the vet has served in the military, Reserves, or National Guard. It also makes a different if the loan for buying Gilbert Homes is the first VA loan or not.


Navy Federal Loans for Gilbert Homes


If you can get a loan through the Navy Federal Credit Union, you can get 100% financing on primary housing. Eligibility for credit union membership is limited to military personnel and certain civilian employees of the United States Department of Defense, as well as family members. These loans are being offered again after a hiatus that ended in 2010. The funding fee for these loans is 1.75%.


Department of Agriculture Mortgage Loans


The Department of Agriculture has a rural development mortgage guarantee program that is extremely popular. These loans are not confined to the purchase of farm land but do have geographical limitations. There are also restrictions that cover household income and are usually only offered to first time home buyers. These mortgage loans come from banks and the USDA gets a 2 percent guarantee fee.

Higher Loan Rates Aren’t Stalling the Sell of Chandler Homes

Chandler Homes have been selling quite well and are in line with the surge being seen across the housing market in the United States. Many experts were worried when the mortgage loan rates rose last month and were worried that this would stall the sell of Chandler Homes. According to the founder of the Troy Reeves Team, Troy Reeves, the rise in rates has not discouraged Chandler Homes buyers.


What’s Going On With Chandler Homes Mortgage Rates? 

Recovery in the Chandler Homes and country wide housing market began early last year and has been improving steadily since. Some issues do however pose a risk to a full recovery to pre-recession strength. The latest concerns has been the sudden jump in mortgage loan rates which has gone up by a full percentage from two months ago. Rates started out at 3.59% in the beginning of May and jumped to 4.68% in the first two weeks of the month of July. Rates are the highest they’ve been at in two years. Experts still highlight that even if you bought Chandler Homes at a 4.5% to 5% loan rate, you’d still have an affordable rate as compared to historical rate standards. Regardless, the rate spike did come as a payment shock to those looking to buy or refinance loans on Chandler Homes.


Unexpected Purchases of Chandler Homes Despite Rate Hike

Although one might expect that this rate hike would discourage Chandler Homes buyers, many agents are actually reporting the opposite. The rate hike seems to have spurred purchases by people who have already decided they wanted to buy Chandler Homes. Although this scenario is rare, the rising rates have people wanting to buy more, not less. The sudden rise has people concerned that more elevation in rates is inevitable and that they had better buy now before payments come with even more interest in the future.


What If Rates Continue to Rise?

The housing market has actually been a really strong area in the recovering economy, although it remains somewhat unpredictable. More rate hikes could possibly trigger action by the Federal Reserve in order to keep this industry heading in the right direction. Further rises could really put the buyer’s to the test when it comes to their willingness to pay above asking price for housing.

8 Quick Tips for Selling Gilbert Homes Fast

Gilbert homes for sale

If you want to sell Gilbert Homes fast, it is going to take a little effort, but quick sells are totally possible. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team notes that it is about timing and taking a few extra steps to pull in the right Gilbert Homes buyers. Follow this quick guide to getting the edge on the Gilbert Homes market in order to sell as quick as possible.


Pump Up Curb Appeal of Gilbert Homes

  • Pressure wash walkways and the house’s siding
  • Freshen up mailbox posts and replace box if needed
  • Thoroughly clean from windows
  • Stain or paint wood trim and front porch
  • Plant plants with blooms
  • Keep grass perfectly cut while listing is active


Make Your House Sparkling Clean 

  • Start with a basic clean (remove trash, wipe down counters, etc.)
  • Organize all spaces to perfection to remove clutter
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Polish hardwood flooring
  • Dust all vents, ceiling fans, blinds and behind all furniture and appliances
  • Polish granite countertops and fixtures


Create an Inviting Dining Room in Gilbert Homes

  • Buy or borrow a formal table if you don’t already have one
  • Use a clean and attractive table cloth to cover it
  • Set down placemats
  • Arrange place settings and silverware
  • Use a very attractive center piece


Rearrange Your Gilbert Homes Living Room 

  • Make your furniture symmetrical
  • Create open walkways through your living room furniture
  • Use pillows and throw blankets to hide soiled and old chairs & couches
  • Replace the television space with mirrors to make the room look bigger


Pay Extra Attention to Walls 

  • Repaint any walls with bright colors
  • Choose neutral colors when painting
  • Repair and touch up any damage


Make Bedrooms Gender Neutral in Gilbert Homes

  • Change children’s rooms to gender neutral themes
  • Remove anything overly gender biased (pink, floral, blue, etc.) from all rooms
  • Create a hotel like appearance (clean, tidy, plain)


Give Your Closets Some Attention

  • Organize closets
  • Put clutter into storage
  • Arrange clothes by color
  • Put shoes on racks
  • Leave closet doors open when showing (they’re going to look anyways, open doors make the space look larger)


Make Gilbert Homes Appear Pet Free

  • Remove your animals during showings
  • Make sure your home is fur free
  • Have stains and odors professionally removed 

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Could Rising Mortgage Rates Keep People from Buying Chandler Homes?

Over the last few weeks, there has been a sharp spike in the rates being offered on mortgage loans. Home mortgage rates are skimming dangerously close to the 4 percent mark. What this means is that the Chandler Homes sellers are not making any more on the sell, the buyer is not paying in less, and the lender is profiting more. This trend has some Chandler Homes buyers hesitant to make the investment in a home now — which may hinder the recent soaring number of Chandler Homes being bought in weeks prior to the rate spike. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves team advises buyers that now is still a good time to invest in Chandler Homes as the price of homes are still fairly low. Read more to learn about the rate spike.


Rate Spike in Chandler Homes Mortgage Loans

The sharp spike in loans for Chandler Homes mortgages may, first and foremost, indicate that it is a little too late for homeowners to refinance. Last week, refinancing dropped 12 percent. This rate hike comes just as many more people are becoming eligible for loans and as people started to regain lost equity in their house after the crash. However, rates on Chandler Homes mortgage loans are still very low and many people are jumping to buy now in fear that they will miss out on the best buying conditions for Chandler Homes in years.


Refinancing Down, Buying Still Up

Although this may be keeping people from buying Chandler Homes as aggressively, plenty of buyers are still eager to make their purchase. Mortgage loan applications across the country actually rose around 3 percent from last month and are up 14 percent from the same month in 2012. Higher rates are indicative of a stronger economy and positive data. The Federal Reserve has pumped in billions of American dollars to get the mortgage market back on track since the housing crash started. Many experts are speculating that the rate hike is an indicator that the help may soon end. These rising rates and the possibility of the Feds pulling their cash infusion comes as home prices jumped 10% in March. People buying homes for the first time are feeling the rising cost of buying a home the most.


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Gilbert Homes Foreclosures on the Decline

During the foreclosure crisis, which began in September of 2008, around 4.4 million homes went into foreclosure across the United States. The Gilbert Homes community was impacted just like the rest of the nation and many houses in the area went into foreclosure as well. Most of the Gilbert Homes that foreclosures as a result of the housing crisis have since been bought by private homeowners and investors and far fewer are going into foreclosure, according to Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team. This news is great for people looking to sell Gilbert Homes, people who want to refi or own Gilbert Homes, and new Gilbert Homes buyers. This also signals more positivity that the economy is on the rebound. Find out what’s going on in the market and what this all means for Gilbert Homes buyers and homeowners.


Fewer Foreclosures Across the Country 

In May of 2013, U.S. foreclosures, which includes homes that were in any stage of foreclosure, hovered around 1 million. Last year in May, that number was at 1.4 million. Over the past year, this country has seen almost a 30% decline in foreclosures nationwide. Also, around 2.3 million mortgage loans are considered to be seriously delinquent — that’s only 5.6% of mortgages in the United States. The number of seriously late mortgages in May is the lowest it has been since the end of 2008. In 42 different states in this country, the number of delinquent homes has decreased by double digit numbers. We also know that the current rate of problematic home loans is down to only 0.73% and will likely continue to drop.


What This Means When Selling or Buying Gilbert Homes 

If you are buying or selling Gilbert Homes, this is really good news for you. When there are fewer loans in delinquent statuses or going through foreclosure, lenders are far more willing to offer mortgage loans. Buyers can now more easily qualify for mortgages on Gilbert Homes — making it much easier to sell Gilbert Homes. This information also signals more stability in the economy and housing market, making buying a home a much safer investment now than it has been in quite some time.

Two Months Later – Was Troy Reeves Right on Housing Market Conditions?

Troy wrote an article just over 2 months ago telling you his thoughts on the current housing market conditions. It’s time to ask – was he right? Let’s take a look back at Don’t Wait: NOW is the Time to to Sell in the East Valley!


Due to an unusual shortage in inventory of homes for sale in East Valley, now is the perfect time to sell your home. The Reeves Teams has been watching the Arizona MLS very carefully and we can see that buyers are very active right now and houses are being snatched up. While Troy Reeves believes that the market will continue to grow in East Valley, it will do so at a more manageable rate and buyers will no longer be making knee jerk decisions based on low inventory.


Based on our expert projections and by gauging the current market, we do not anticipate there being a better time in the near future to list your property for sale.


Let’s take a look at Troy’s take aways from that April article:

  • New builds will have caught up to a more normal demand – 4th QTR 2013
  • Total inventory will increase by almost double in next 12 months (currently around 15,500 – used to carrying 32,000 – 34,000 at a healthy amount.)


Many Brokers have said this last 90 days has felt like 2005 all over again (when we had 5K homes on market – and homes almost 40% more.


Buyers: Watch the rates! 5,000 – 10,000 is not that hard to swallow, but 1-2% interest rates over the life of a loan certainly is!


Sellers: The multiple offers and 2 week selling timeframe will decrease dramatically (this is healthy for an overall real estate market, however Troy’s believes prices of home will be worth more next year this time (7-9% up) but you will be competing with more sellers (both new builds and resales) to get a buyer, you may have to spruce up more than in today’s low inventory when you can do less to your home in a faster sales market.


What’s in store?  More inventory means more to choose from, however a seller must do more to compete with more inventory.  Kitchen, bath, paint, yard (be more impressive than the others you are competing with.


Interest rates will go up by year end (Feds have told us this).


Josh, an agent with the team for over 9 years adds, “I believe that Troy hit the nail on the head with this article.  We are already starting to see an increase in inventory and fewer multiple offer on homes.  Interest rates have also jumped from about 3.5% last month to 4.5% today.  Even with a slight increase in interest rates now is a great time to buy as prices and interest rates will continue to rise over the next year.”


Here are some charts to review that we’ve been watching.


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