So you have found the perfect Gilbert home for you and your family.Your dream home is in the perfect location at your ideal price, the only twist: it has a swimming pool. You know its common for Gilbert houses to have pools and you don’t hate the idea, but it wasn’t exactly on your top 10 list of home features, either. So how do you make sure that buying a home with a pool is for you?

To keep a pool from sinking you, The Reeves Team has compiled the top concerns we encounter with buyers who have never previously owned a pool, but are considering the purchase of a home that has one.

Is a Pool Worth It?

The benefits of having a swimming pool are clear: a quick swim just steps away, relaxing afternoons afloat with a book in hand, weekend pool parties, and when not in use, a swimming pool can enhance your view. Its easy to get caught up in the benefits, however there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with pool ownership including maintenance, safety, insurance, and home value concerns.

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is easy to overlook, after all how much work could it really be? A few of the costs include daily filtering and hearing costs, weekly cleaning, inspections, occasional large repairs and resurfacing every decade or so.

  • Heating & Filtering: Pool heating costs can run anywhere from $100-$300 per month and vary depending on the size of your pool, your pool temperature preferences, and how you power the heater and filter (electric, gas, or solar). You can usually get a rough estimate on costs from your local electric or gas provider to understand typical monthly fees for the home, but in general, electric is the most expensive per month, followed by gas and then solar. In summer months heating costs are less of a concern because the sun does most of the work for you.
  • Cleaning: Pool services typically charge $20-$60/week to clean, add chemicals, and replace the occasional filter or submerged light bulb, depending on how your pool is equipped. You could choose to do this maintenance yourself, but then you’ll need to factor in $5 per week for supplies plus your time. Foregoing weekly maintenance is not a good idea because skimping on cleaning will result in bugs and bacteria If a pool is left unattended for months thats when you see the green monsters that no one would envy.
  • Major repairs: Its impossible to predict if you will ever have a major repair such as a leak, broken pump or pool liner, however if you do these types of repairs can be thousands of dollars. You should also ask when the last time a pool was resurfaced, this should be done every 8 to 10 years and can cost as much as 2,000 every time.


Keeping kids, pets, and visitors safe from pool-related injury can be a hidden cost for Gilbert home buyers. Make sure the residential pool meets the minimum code requirements for your city, if your not sure of the codes ask The Reeves Team for the most recent update.  If the pool isn’t equipped when you buy the home, installing safety measures could be another up-front cost you’ll need to account for.

Home Value

If you own a pool your homeowners insurance is likely to be higher. You should get a clear idea of what is covered by your policy. In Gilbert pools are common, they are more likely to bolster a home’s value. A well-maintained pool can contribute $35,000 to a home valued at $500,000 (or seven percent of the total home value).

So Your Going To Buy A Home With A Pool, Now What?

If you have decided to dive in, look for obvious warning signs when touring the home does it need resurfacing, are there visible cracks, or is the pool visibly in disrepair. Ask if the homeowner has kept detailed maintenance records.

If your offer on a home is accepted, the pool should be inspected along with everything else. Keep in mind that a general property inspection may not catch all possible issues, some things are especially challenging to test for like leaks. If the current homeowner does not have detailed records you should look into having a qualified pool specialist take a look.

What If You Love The Home, But Not The Pool

So you love the home, but you are not thrilled about all the responsibility that comes with it. Don’t worry you still have options. You can buy the home and then fill the pool or remove it altogether. The costs typically run between 6 and 10k, regulations and permits are also required. Make sure you have someone qualified handle the removal to avoid nightmare scenarios such as sinkholes due to poorly compacted dirt.

Pools can be a great deal of fun, and great for entertaining. However its important to know what your jumping into before you make the purchase. Give us your feedback. Have you bought a home with a pool and love it? Or do you have a huge case of buyer’s regret? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.



4 Responses

  1. Boy, I will never call ReMax to sell my home. What have you, taken out a hunting license on swimming pools? You are seriously behind the times in terms of what the pool costs and how much mainenance there is. Yes, I pay slightly higher premium and taxes, but it’s pennies, and with a pool, I use less air conditioning. So many people now have salt water pools that my pool costs me under $300 a year to maintain. And I have a solar heater, so I get use from May to mid-September.

    On the plus side, my kids always want their friends to come to our house, and you cannot put a price on that. And we hardly want to go away any more. We have so much of what we looked for on vacation right here at home. Maybe you’d like to add to your list of hidden costs: we throw so many parties where our friends never want to go home so a buyer would have to think about their grocery and liquor budget!!

    So please don’t contact me about selling because A) I love living at my own resort and B) I could never trust you to sell my house for me. It must be much easier for you to make your buck with as little actual work as possible by supposedly offering this service! You should remember that you are being paid by the seller. When you are representing a seller with a pool, maybe you should point out the positives and ways to lower costs.

    • May, June, July and August in Arizona is an awesome time to own a Pool! I hope you did not misinterpret our post……. Owning a Pool myself and spending time with kids and family around that Pool is much worth the price it takes to keep up! Thanks for your comment and hope you do not continue to feel this way. Troy Reeves

  2. I love having a pool. Because in the AZ heat we have an option of going swimming or staying in the house. And who wants to stay in the house? I know I don’t. Great article!

    • One of the latest request we get, especially in summer months, is a pool! My kids and friends get together often around our pool and it brings a lot of joy to our household! We love our pool! Thanks for the comment, Troy

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