The summer is in full swing and the Gilbert Real Estate market is as hot as the Arizona sun right now. A major part of getting your Gilbert Real Estate ready for showing is taking out the time from your day, or week in some cases, to thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom, inside and out! Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Teams tells his clients to clean good for the best sell. So, what are the areas you might be missing? You’ll probably be surprised that you overlooked these five areas!

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Clean Your Mailbox

When interested Gilbert Real Estate buyers pull up to your property, the first thing they will see is literally your mailbox. Your mailbox is visible from pretty far down the road in most circumstances and can set the tone for the real of the viewing of the Gilbert Real Estate showing. Use all purpose cleaners and scrum away stubborn stains. If cleaning isn’t enough, repainting will be worth the little time it takes.


Doors on the Outside of the House

The doors on your Gilbert Real Estate property have a major impact on the look of the house, and also get rough pretty quick. Wash thoroughly and hand a wreath hide any dings on your Gilbert Real Estate homes’ doors.


Under the Microwave in Your Gilbert Real Estate Kitchen

You don’t think about it much but what do you think it looks like under your microwave? If someone moved it to see the conditions of the counters, do you think it would cause you to lose the sale of your Gilbert Real Estate? Simply move the microwave and wipe away any dirt, dust and grime to avoid any embarrassments during a showing. Scrub underneath with baking soda for any really stubborn microwave related stains.


Vents and Returns

Cleaning the vents and returns in your house isn’t hard, but most people overlook this area. A dirty air vent or a grimy return vent can make a room look filthy that’s otherwise clean. Vacuum away the dust and then wipe the slats with soapy water.



Even if the appliances aren’t part of the sale of your Gilbert Real Estate, they still need to look showroom clean. Clean away any clutter sitting on top of them and clean until they are sparkling like new — but don’t worry if they aren’t actually all that new, clean matters over anything when it comes to how your appliances reflect on the home.

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