Arizona Housing Market Statistics

There are many different signs that the housing market is finally in recovery for the first time since the crash. Sales are up and the value of Chandler Homes is increasing. Troys Reeves of the Troy Reeves teams notes a major upswing in listings as well as interested buyers and sellers. While Chandler Homes buyer and seller confidence is important, a very notable crowd feeling good about the market is the home builders in the United States.


Home Builders Excited About Chandler Homes

Confidence in Chandler Homes rose greatly as sales and values for single family houses grew in May. This is in-spite of the rising cost of building materials. The National Association of Homes Builders, an American organization showed an increase of builds in May. Chandler Homes builders are noticing an increase in the urgency seen in potential home buyers. There is currently quite a few more home buyers than houses on the market right now as people were not expected this sudden improvement of the housing market – thus not planning to sale so soon.


Combine the thinning Chandler Homes inventory with affordable mortgage rates, the continually improving local economy, and lenders easier qualifying, and builders are seeing the potential for great new build opportunity. New Chandler Homes builders are optimistic and eager to build even though the price and availability of materials for building Chandler Homes is proving to be challenging.


Positive Builders Reflect a Favorable Outlook

When the recession hit, builders took a major hit. The fact that builders are now ready to build again reflects a more rounded out recovery. Many people are encourage by the enthusiasm seen in Chandler Homes builders. This news is in line with many other trends we’ve seen in housing over the past months. It seems like new reports are coming out everyday to support a recovering housing industry. Last week we learned about easier qualifying for Chandler Homes buyers and steady mortgage rates. Experts have also noted a dramatic increase of the value of homes over the past couple of months. The expectation is that news is going to keep staying positive and the market will just keep getting better.


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