A bad neighbor can make your life in your Chandler Homes a nightmare every minute you are at home. There’s very little you can even do about bad neighbors that occupy surrounding Chandler Homes. Bad Chandler Homes neighbors usually engage in annoying behaviors like letting their kids play in your yard without permission, allowing animals to make excessive and constant noise, not keeping up their yards or outside of their house, and failing to address pressing issues like dangerous trees. If your Chandler Homes neighbors have a driveway full of soggy newspapers and a fallen tree in their yard, your home value could be impacted by 5 percent or more and make it very difficult to sell your home! According to the founder of the Troy Reeves Team, Troy Reeves, it might take a little finesse when dealing with bad Chandler Homes neighbors when you’re trying to move.


Dealing with Bad Neighbors

Is there a big snarling dog that wards off buyers who want a nice home to raise kids? Or  a tree in a neighboring yard that threatens to ruin that nice big privacy fence that lulls in people who want a secluded yard? You’ll need to deal with these issues before you can sell Chandler Homes with success. If you live in a Chandler Homes neighborhood with a covenant or association, you’re in the best position possible when dealing with problematic neighbors.


Most HOAs have rules against any bothersome behavior that decreases the value of Chandler Homes. Notify the association of the problems you’re having right away, inform them of the risk of lowering your sale value, and demand that the property management company deals with these issues right away. If these neighbors aren’t actually doing anything breaks codes and rules of the HOA, then you may want to evaluate if there’s actually even a problem to begin with – what bothering you might just be a personal pet peeve that isn’t impacting the value of surrounding Chandler Homes, besides, you’re moving anyways!


If all else fails, you might want to consider offering to remedy the solution with your own time and money. It may be worth it to pay to have that dangerous tree cut down or build a fence in your yard to keep out wandering neighborhood teenagers or aggressive pets. Talk with your neighbor and explain to them that you’re trying to sell your home and you need them to be on their best behavior, but do so with patience and politeness – instigating a tense situation could cause them to sabotage your sale even further!


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