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Believe it or not, not all leads are good leads when it comes to selling your property in Chandler, AZ. According to Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, some Chandler Homes on the market draw in negative leads because of the way the homeowner decides to go about selling their house. Learn about the ways you might be drawing negative attention to your properties for sale in Chandler.


There is a Right Way to List Chandler Homes

When it comes to the best way to list Chandler Homes, there is a right way and a wrong way. Listing Chandler Homes on the wrong sites could lead to the wrong kind of attention. Popular sites which offer free listings may seem attractive, but lister beware! When you list Chandler Homes on a free site, you are doing many things wrong. To start, you are listing your home amongst many fake ads created to draw people in for illegal and unsavory purposes (to collect information for identity fraud, scams, etc.). The free sites are also heavily saturated and your postings can easily get lost in a sea of other Chandler Homes. Many of the responses you will get off free sites are also 100% fake and might even open you up to becoming a victim of internet crimes. List your home with reputable sites only.


Advertising Chandler Homes the Wrong Ways


Much like listing your home the wrong way, you might also be advertising your home in way that’s drawing in people who are only trying to kill time, not buy a house. It may sound like a contradiction, but being too available for showings might attract non-serious buyers and scare off real buyers. To stave off people who are just curious about your floor plan, or snoopy neighbors looking for decorating ideas, make your home available for a virtual tour online. Show your home by appointment only to keep the open house ‘lookie loos’ at a minimum – an appointment will also give the interested buyers an opportunity to get individualized attention from your agent.


Why Using a Chandler Homes Agent is Beneficial


Professionals like the agents at the Troy Reeves Team are experts in what works and how to get quality buyers to your listings and showings. An agent can advise you on all aspects of the selling of your Chandler Homes, including which tactics you should avoid. Chandler Homes agents also have more pull with qualified leads as they have an earned reputation that both buyers and sellers can trust when purchasing a new home.


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