Selling Chandler Homes can be made a lot easier when you understand the amenities the buyer is looking for in Chandler Homes. Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Team, routinely does research on Chandler Homes amenities and which ones promote buyers to make their final purchase. Learn about which Chandler Homes attractions people are looking for the most and you can use this to your advantage when selling your property.

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What Adds Values to Chandler Homes for the Buyer?

The below information is based on the best selling points for Chandler Homes. These factors draw in buyers to Chandler Homes and get them excited about their move. Determine which one your properties for sale fall into and use it in your advertise and marketing to sell your Chandler Homes.


Buyers want to live in a good neighborhood, and a neighborhood which reflects their lifestyle. There is not just a one-size-fits-all expectation when it comes to neighborhoods. A community of people who all gather to cookout with kids playing football in the streets may have its appeal to many, but that’s not what everyone wants or needs. Some people enjoy quiet areas, or adult communities too. Don’t try to disguise your neighborhood as being what you think the buyer wants, a quick visit will reveal what your block is really like, so don’t try to sell it on an angle that’s not accurate to your area. Describe it as what it is and you’ll pull in quality leads of Chandler Homes buyers.


When it comes to families with school aged children, what school district Chandler Homes are in can make a world of difference. Know what schools are close by and what their rankings are on popular sites like Great Schools and School Digger.

Shopping, Restaurants, and Nightlife

People definitely care about what’s close by when it comes to entertainment. If your home is close to a five star restaurant, high tech movie theater, popular night club, or lots of shopping choices, point that out to your buyers.

Parks, Walking Trails, and Bike Access

Access to public or neighborhood parks, trails for walking or riding bikes, and the ability to ride a bicycle safely matters a lot to many people – especially outdoor lovers. If your house is positioned in a good area for these amenities, have trail maps available at the showing of your home.

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