Quality landscaping can not only offer you a nice relaxing personal environment, but it can also boost the value of your Gilbert Homes. Consumers find certain aspects of lawn care more appealing and by playing into this appeal, you can help your Gilbert Homes to sell faster and at a better value. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team routinely advises sellers to spruce up their lawns and gardens to better appeal to potential buyers. Learn about improving a sell with landscaping.

gilbert homes and landscaping

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Why People Want in Landscaping of Gilbert Homes 

When it comes to selling Gilbert Homes, there’s major payoff in knowing what works and what doesn’t in landscaping. Poor curb appeal can significantly decrease your property value and make buyers far less interested in your property. Poorly designed and maintained landscaping is one of the biggest factors in bringing down curb appeal.

The way people perceive value of Gilbert Homes is actually impacted by your landscaping. Even just the presence of a single tree can increase your real estate value and Certain factors that change this perception include plant type & size, and design within the Gilbert Homes landscaping. This information tells us that landscaping for better home value extends beyond the basics like just planting flowers and plants around the property. Many experts in landscaping note that people notice the sophistication in the landscape first, and then plant size and maturity second.


Increasing Gilbert Homes Value with Landscape Today

People like trees, and their presence can increase value of Gilbert Homes significantly. Trees not only add aesthetic appeal, they also provide shade and shelter in harsh weather. If your property does not have any trees, you can purchase faster growing trees to bump up appeal quickly – but trees do take around 10 years to fully mature, so don’t expect to have a nice tall tree with a thick trunk in a month. Other options include laying fresh sod, refreshing flower beds, replacing worn edging, and planting shrubs. Don’t get caught up in planting and adding and forget the basics either, make sure your Gilbert Homes landscaping has freshly cut grass, trimmed hedges, and is free of weeds.


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  1. Not only is this true of a Gilbert Home, but of all property! Attractive landscaping always boosts the value and impression of a home. Thanks for the helpful tips and we love the picture!

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