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There are many types of Chandler Homes on the market and understanding which type would best fit your lifestyle will help you pick your new property. According to Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team, there are three major types of homes that people are listing for sale the most. Read on to learn which one would suit you best.


Town House

Chandler Homes town houses are typically narrow, tall, row houses with two or more levels. This kind of housing was once reserved for packed cities but their functionality has made them a more popular suburban type of Chandler Homes. Modern town homes are in communities similar to those like apartment complexes.



These kinds of Chandler Homes have their own unique benefits. Most of the time, a town house is cheaper per square foot than an unattached house. This means that you will get more value for your money. When you purchase a town house, you own the house and designated property and you are free to do with it as you like.



When you live in a town house, you can’t make many changes to the outside of the house or property. You will also have to get used to living in close proximity to your neighbors.



A condo is somewhat like an apartment or town house. It is attached housing but rarely comes with any landownership.



Some people enjoy living in a community where they don’t have to maintain property and the community is usually overseen by a homeowner’s association or property management company. Older residents favor these types of Chandler Homes because of the low maintenance aspects.



When it comes to these kinds of Chandler Homes, the benefits and disadvantages can be the same – it’s all about your perspective. When you live in these Chandler Homes, most of the area is common so you have little to no control over the appearance and upkeep of the surrounding property. You will also have little control over the noise level of your neighbors, pedestrians outside, etc.


Houses are the most common type of Chandler Homes and come with the highest value per square foot on average.



Chandler Homes that are houses come with the most benefits. You have total control over the property and the house itself. A house also tends to hold its value for longer.



When Chandler Homes which are houses need maintenance, you are completely responsible for the charges. House are also more expensive per square foot than other types of Chandler Homes.


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