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Chandler Homes are selling very quickly and buyers are eager to find their next property. If your home is for sale in the Chandler Homes market, you can get an edge on the competition by using your knowledge of the five senses to help your house sell quicker. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team advises his agents to make a lasting impression by appealing to the senses with the advice below. 



Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way because when it comes to selling Chandler Homes, sight is the sense you want to please first! When people first visit Chandler Homes, be it in person or online, they want to see a nice looking house that’s visually appealing. Your lawn should be well kept and the inside should either be completely empty and free of any debris or full of well coordinated furniture & decor and always free of clutter.   

Here’s some additional tips when showing Chandler Homes: 

  • Show the house at the time of day when the natural lighting is the best
  • Make sure all indoor lights are on
  • Remove all personal items such as pictures or your children’s drawings



The sense of smell is also a very powerful tool you can use in your favor when showing Chandler Homes. Smells that make people feel hungry are typically the most pleasing to the senses – light a candle scented like vanilla, pumpkin, or hazelnut.



Now that you’ve got your perspective buyers craving cookies, feed them! That doesn’t mean have them over for dinner, but have refreshments out – that’s a common practice when agents show Chandler Homes. Offer finger foods that match the smells you’ve created. Pastries of any kind are popular treats to serve in Chandler Homes – hors d’oeuvres are also a favorite when people are viewing Chandler Homes.



Playing on this scent has more to do with the climate in your home than making your actual structure house ‘feel’ a certain way to the touch. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature, especially during the summer months, so people will want to spend more time inside your house before they have to go out into the heat.



Sound also triggers feelings and can have a significant impact on the impression people have about Chandler Homes. A soft (and low) melody being played as background music can make the home buyer feel more at ease in your property for sale.


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