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People who are selling Chandler Homes or looking to buy Chandler Homes have their eyes closely locked in on the housing market and data coming out about it daily. Many media outlets have officially called the housing market in full blown recovery, while others are still hesitant to call the game. They worry that this trend in Chandler Homes is just that, a trend, and like many trends is volatile. Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves knows the importance of looking ahead when planning your next Chandler Homes, even though now is great time to buy and sell.


Why is the Housing Market on the Rise Now?

There are many solid reasons that Chandler Homes and the housing market are doing quite well at this time. Positivity in the job market and nationwide financial markets has increased consumer spending and lender’s willingness to offer home loans – meaning that qualifying to buy Chandler Homes is easier now than in previous years following the crash.


Could this Pattern Change Soon?

Although there is a lot changes for the better are happening, there is still a long road to complete pre-crash recovery. Home prices are still down around 25% of what there were in 2007, which could work to your advantage when buying Chandler Homes. The shortage of homes is a benefit for those who are selling. A recovery from here must be steady and slow to keep this kind of balance that’s creating a booming market. One thing that is going to change soon is the Federal Reserve brining its monetary policy back to normal levels, which will results in interest rates rising an mortgage rates going up.


What You Should Do to Sell Chandler Homes

This news promotes the urgency of listing and buying now if you want to make a move in the Chandler Homes market. It’s so difficult to guess where the economy and housing markets are moving next. What we do know is that banks are giving loans now, and people are buying now. A drop in prices is not very likely, and mortgage rates are still low, so buy now if you’ve been waiting for a good time to do so. Sellers are also urged to list Chandler Homes now before builders and new construction are able to catch up with demand.


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