Gilbert Housing Market Statistics

When it comes to selling anything, it is important to understand your target audience and you potential buyers. If you are selling your home on the Gilbert Real Estate market, that means it is essential to know what home buyers want, why they are buying, and what impacts their decision to buy a home. Troy Reeves, founder of the Troy Reeves Teams, highlights that knowing what drives the buyer can mean that your Gilbert Real Estate home will sell much quicker than less informed sellers.

Average Gilbert Home Buyers

Why Are People Moving and Buying Gilbert Real Estate?

There are definite trends amongst buyers of Gilbert Real Estate and those trends change over time.

The five most common reasons that people choose to move are (from most important to least important):

  1. They want more space
  2. They want to live in house that better fits their current lifestyle/phase in life
  3. They want a house that suits their style preference and taste
  4. They want to live in a better neighborhood
  5. They want a house that is more efficient and is more environmentally friendly

So, which is your Gilbert real estate property? Do you have a big spacious home? Are your lights run off solar energy? Is your neighborhood a highly sought after area?

Once you realize which one of these factors your home would fit in, you can target those buyers who are looking to buy Gilbert Real Estate.

Arizona Housing Market Statistics

How Buyers Find Homes and What Makes a Buyer Choose Which Neighborhood to Buy Gilbert Real Estate?

During the average 12 week search, buyers will likely view around ten homes before choosing their property. Almost all buyers use agents like those from the Troy Reeves Team to find their Gilbert Real Estate home. Most buyers look for homes online and the majority of them bought a home from their realtor’s website – so listing your Gilbert Real Estate online is extremely important. When buyers are looking at your Gilbert Real Estate home, they have likely chosen your neighborhood because of one of the following factors: it’s a good area, it’s close to their job, the area is affordable, the neighborhood is close to their relatives, or it’s close to shopping (grocery stores, retail stores, service centers, etc.). Find out your buyers desires on what lead them to your area, and you can play up that angle when negotiating the sale of your Gilbert Real Estate.


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