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When it comes to selling Chandler Luxury Homes, knowledge is power! Knowing what the Chandler Luxury Homes buyers are looking for will give you the edge in a competitive market. Take this advice from Troy Reeves of the Troy Reeves Team to pique the interest of your potential buyers.


Location Matters with Chandler Luxury Homes

Location is always a major factor in dividing Chandler Luxury Homes and regular properties. Typically, a luxury property will be in a highly sought after area – this area can be desirable for many reasons. Popular locations include waterfront properties (beach, lake, river etc.), homes positioned within a golf community, houses within top rated school districts, and those in historical districts. The actual landscape sometimes matters, meaning urban properties usually come with a higher price tag regardless of size, but plenty of Chandler Luxury Homes are located in underdeveloped communities.


Larger Chandler Luxury Homes

House size and the features that set the property apart from others most commonly put a house into the Chandler Luxury Homes group. Luxury properties tend to be on the larger side with large square footage in the house itself and are built on larger lots.


The Amenities

Outside of location and size, amenities can make a house qualify for the Chandler Luxury Homes market.

Luxury amenities might include (but are not limited to!):

  • Technology rooms/recording studios
  • Stone finishes
  • Hand carved trim and wood finishes
  • Kitchens meant for entertaining
  • Large rooms (dining, bath, bed, etc.)
  • Wine cellars


Making This Work for You

Now that you know what Chandler Luxury Homes have to offer the buyer, it’s time to apply this knowledge as the homeowner and seller of the property. First, ask yourself what makes your home apart of the elite Chandler Luxury Homes market? Is it in a great location? Are the schools rated as the top in the area? Does your home have all the latest in technology and amenities? Is your community the main attraction of your area? You likely already know just what exactly makes your house fall into the luxury category – so your smartest option is to play up that angle in your listings, ads, fliers, and showings of your home.


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