Wow what a turn out.  Most know that LJ’s Pizza is one of Tra’s favorite restaurants in the valley, and Clay was nice enough to allow us to hold a fundraiser on Tra’s behalf.  Clay donated a large portion of the proceeds from this event to Tra and his family to help with is chemo treatments.

Tra’ was diagoned with Squamous Cell cancer on his throat and neck on December 22, 2011.  Tra’ has complete faith in God and knows he has a plan.

We told Clay to plan for a big group, after all this is Tra Bell were talking about.  So he planned for about roughly 70 people and 20 pizzas to be made.   As you can see from the pictures below twice that many people turned out.  When all was said and done Clay cooked up 65 pizzas for the 142 attendees to the fundraiser.   This is in addition to the 9 loafs of garlic bread and the 20 pizzas that were purchased for take home.

Thanks to Clay for hosting this event, combining peoples love for Tra and their love for LJ’s Pizza made for one heck of an event.   Thanks Troy for putting this thing together and for allowing your H2 to be used as a platform to take pictures of the large crowd.

Check out pictures of the event below.  Following the pictures you can see Tra’s thank you to everyone that attended.


After the event, Tra had this to say in gratitude:

“Thank you EVERYONE who showed up last night to the LJ’s pizza party fundraiser! Thank you Troy for putting it together and Clay at LJ’s Pizza for hosting it! What an incredible night of family, friends, fundraising & food! My family & I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all your LOVE, SUPPORT & PRAYERS! I was AMAZED, once again, at the LOVING, GENEROUS, SELFLESS people God has put in my life! May God bless you all for the LOVE you’ve shared with my family & I!  These three remain: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. But the greatest of these is LOVE! 1 Corinthians 13:13”



29 Responses

  1. We are so sorry to hear of Tra’s passing. He was such a fantastic person with a big personality. Our thoughts and prayer to his family.

  2. One day in 1998 a flyer showed up on the door of our house in Chandler from Tra. One thing lead to another and before we knew it Tra was able to sell that house and help us get into the house in Gilbert that has done us so well that we still live in it to this day. Every year we would get the magnet calender from Tra, stick it on the fridge, and wonder how he was doing. A few years back we were on the road in our area and at a stop light pulled up along side a big “Tra Bell – Remax” Hummer, we were happy to see that it looked like Tra had truly arrived in his chosen profession. So it was a total shock to get the letter from your office of his passing. I will always remember him as that vibrant and eager young man working so hard 15 years ago to help make our dreams a reality. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.

  3. I also wanted to express that Tra’ was never one to say no to you. When I was planning on selling my home about 7 years ago, he did not hesitate to help me list it, find another home and come very close to closing on the home I was selling. In the end, my buyers changed their minds two days before closing and I decided to stay right where I was at, and still am today. Tra was so understanding about the situation. Not only had he lost a sale but he felt he lost the chance to help a friend. Tra’ took it all in stride and not once did he ever express any type of disappointment for himself. I was eternally grateful for his professionalism of how he handled everything. These are the things that I remember about Tra’ that I’ll never forget and this experience will help me to remember how grateful I am that he truly was a friend!!

  4. Tra was an amazing person of love and character. Tra and I first knew of each other while working at Basha’s. We later realized just how much more we knew about each other when he married my next door neighbors daughter, Abbie. He left Basha’s a short time later to begin his career in real estate. Over the years we saw a lot of each other through gatherings with my neighbors and his family. Tra had a heart of gold who always remained positive. He tried to bring many people to know and love our Lord Jesus. His will power and determination resignated his love for his heavenly father as well as his love for family and friends! He fought a hard battle right to the end. Even then, he refused to let go. I miss Tra everyday, but I am eternally grateful for the memories he left for all of us! Tra, thank you for this journey you shared with all of us. Until that time comes where we all will meet up again, you will forever be in my heart. Rest peacefully.

  5. I got to meet Tra’ through Henry Samaniego who I went to high school with who worked for him at Bashas. Tra was always in a great mood definitely fun to be around and always made you laugh. we had spent many of nights putting down cold ones and just enjoying each others company. There is one particular song that always brings back memories of Tra’. At one of our many nights at the old Spirits in Gilbert Tra’ was being the ladies man he was back in that day and he happen to be his lively bubbly self and started to talk to these older ladies that were enjoying his company just like everyone else and when ZZ Tops song Sharped dress man starting playing all I remember was Tra’ shaking his butt for these older ladies and they were enjoying every minute of it and we were laughing so hard as to see how he had brighten there evening up. every time I hear that song I smile and think of that night and I also get a little sad knowing that he is no longer physically here with us. even though we didn’t get to see each other a lot every time we did hang out it was like I saw him yesterday. he was a great friend and a great realtor. Tra’ helped me when I first purchased my first home back in 1998, and then again in 2011. he was always willing to go the extra mile and show us whatever houses we wanted to see and at our convenience. I am going to miss him but I know that he is in a better place watching over all of us.

    • The Old Spirits on Gilbert road…one of many jobs Tra had before starting his career in Real Estate in 1996! Jav’e you were a close friend and client of the Family…Thank You.

  6. I am so sorry to hear of Tra’s passing. He helped my husband and I a great deal in finding a home to suit both of our needs in hard times. His strong belief in the Lord was a must in having him for our realtor. He will be missed in many ways.


  7. Tra was my one and only AZ realtor. I met him in 2005 while I was in the midst of trying to relocate from Fargo, ND and we (Tra and I) had a little less then one month to find a house that I thought my girlfriend and I could call “home”. Tra was a good listener, he was accepting, he did not pass judgment, he was patient and I really felt he had our best interests at heart. Thank goodness for his sense of humor and professionalism. I really appreciated it when he never said “I told you so” when I ended up buying the 2nd house out of 37, or was it 47?!
    I was heart broken to hear of Tra’s passing. May peace fill the hearts of his family and friends.

  8. Having known Tra’ was truly a blessing for our entire family! He has been a family friend for almost 10 years. We met the Bell family through church and have been friends ever since. We didn’t hesitate when we needed to short sale our home we went to Tra’, of course! It was probably the most speediest short sale transaction I know of. Anyone I spoke to, in the same situation but different realtor, has had such a horrible experience. Tra’s whole team was so efficient, which made the whole process so quick and easy!
    We love and miss him SO much!

    • Its hard as a REALTOR to sometimes do business with close friends and/or family….it’s a fine line! And Tra did that with may family and friends…..He thrived on helping these people get the best for what they needed! It’s good to see these beautiful comments…Thank You Hunter Family.

  9. I met Tra in 2002 through a recommendation of a friend. I was in my late 20’s and looking to buy my first house. I was very nervous about the whole ordeal, but Tra made it fun and I instantly knew I could trust him. He even came to my house warming party once I was moved in. Then, after I met my husband we needed to sell my house and his condo to move to the far northwest side of the valley for work. Without any hesitation, Tra quickly got our properties sold and was willing and eager to make the drive clear across to the other side of town to show us houses in northwest Peoria. Again, he made the process fun and without stress. I valued his insight tremendously. He has been the only realtor I’ve ever had. Tra was the BEST!

    Ally & Thom Kreider

    • After reviewing several of these comments and the connections that Tra has made with people through Real Estate and other avenues….It does make a difference on the RE agent(not just the company) you choose…AS IS WELL documented here through this forum! Thank You Thom & Ally y=

  10. Where to start…..I have know Tra since he was in high school & have kept in touch over the yrs. Tra saved one of my relatives from loosing there home by getting it sold in the knick of time. When we were purchasing the home we are now in Tra was so patient with me & took me to a lot of homes, needless to say he got me in to a new one as I was so picky but he put up with me. I called Tra for all kinds of needs & he always helped. We talked about family etc…& I remember how adorable he was about wanting to marry Abbie..TRUE love & he adored his children….I did not know about Tra until he was gone. Broke my heart….loved you Tra. God Bless! Linda & John

  11. I met Tra’ while working at Bashas in high school. As you probably would know the days that Tra’ was working were almost always more fun. When Tra’ became a real estate agent it was a no brainer for us that he would be the one to find us our first home. Twelve years later we are still in the house he sold us and couldn’t be happier with our home and neighborhood! I am so happy and not suprised to hear about the support your team is giving to Tra’s family. I have known Abbie since junior high school and I know she and family are surrounded by a loving group of friends that are helping her through this unimaginable time. I will certainly refer anyone to your group for any real estate needs!
    Jill and Kevin Pires

    • Kevin & Jill, Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts about our friend/Family! You guys go way back with Tra and family and we really appreciate your comments! Thank You Both

  12. Jerry and I are deeply saddened by the news of Tra’s passing. He sold us a house in Apache Junction that we enjoyed living in, sold it for us when we decided we needed more room, and sold us the house in Queen Creek that we live in now. We respected his professionalism, would have called on him again if we were thinking of another move, and will turn to his team for any future real estate needs. We send our sincere condolences to Tra’s family, friends and colleagues.

  13. Tra’ was my favorite Realtor — a Christian gentleman with a good head on his shoulders. I bought several properties through him. Even when he was hungry he didn’t act hungry — he put my best interests first.

    I’m still using the MLS searches he set up for me, at

    Rest in peace, Tra’!

    • He ALWAYS put his clients before his interest, that’s what made so many people love him…..Shah…you guys go back many years! Thanks for the comments and all the business you sent his way! We appreciate it very much

  14. Tra really was an amazing man. We met him in bible study. He was full of the love of the lord and I am in awe of how freely he expressed it. After finding out how incredible he was, anytime I met anyone who needed a real estate agent I referred them to Tra. Every single one of them LOVED Tra. One of our close friends spoke to Tra the day before he passed. I am actually jealous of that. LOVED YOU TRA!!!!!!!

  15. Glad you all could get together.. I wish we could of joined you!! You guys are an amazing group!! I am glad you let us crash in on you sometimes!! Tra you are lookin good!!!! We are keeping you all in our prayers!!!

    Love you,

    Dave and Terri

  16. Great pictures! THANK YOU AGAIN for all of the love & support you have shown our family. We are beyond blessed with wonderful family & friends. XOXO

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