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Moving is amongst one of the most stressful processes in life – even though it is very exciting at the same time! Chandler Real Estate expert Troy Reeves from the Troy Reeves Team has helped many people buy new homes and has seven expert tips on making the move as painless as possible.


Tip 1: Notify Every One of Your New Address a Month in Advance

At least a month before you plan to move to your new Chandler Real Estate home, it is important to let everyone know about your change in address. Giving people and companies a month’s notice will allow them to have enough time to update their records, making it a smoother transition to your new Chandler Real Estate address.


Tip 2: Make Arrangements for Utilities

Some utility companies need anywhere from a couple of days to a month (especially cable and internet!) to turn on your Chandler Real Estate utilities. Give them proper notice so you’re not in the dark when you’re trying to move in.


Tip 3: Prepare Overnight Bags

Overnight bags can be lifesavers when you are moving to new Chandler Real Estate properties. Pack a bag for each family member that includes a few days’ worth of clothes, toiletries, and a first aid kit.


Tip 4: Reserve Rentals Ahead of Time

You are likely to get a better deal on rental trucks when you book them far in advance. Before you move to your new Chandler Real Estate house, have your truck booked at least two weeks in advance.


Tip 5: Reconsider Weekend Chandler Real Estate Moves

Moving on the weekend means higher rental truck/car rates, higher hotel rates, and more traffic. The middle of the day during the work week is an ideal time to relocate to Chandler Real Estate properties.


Tip 6: Secure Your Vehicles/Home While You Move

Sadly, when you are in between two Chandler Real Estate houses, your property is vulnerable. Secure and double check your cars and entry ways to both homes during the moving process while you cannot keep a close eye on everything.


Tip 7: Board Your Pets with a Friend or Kennel

Pets often feel distress during the Chandler Real Estate relocation process. Have a trusted friend or local kennel care for your pets while you are moving to ease their anxiety of back and forth travel and change.


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