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Now is an ideal time to list your home for sale as there are many interested buyers on the market right now. The Troy Reeves Team always experiences the highest number of Gilbert Real Estate closings in the months where spring is transitioning into summer, and Troy Reeves himself is urging sellers to list their homes ASAP! Once you do list your home, you may wonder how exactly to get people to come look at your house, and if there is anything you could be doing to make your property stand out from the rest, and there certainly is! Check out these quick tips below for increasing your odds of selling your home fast and above list price.


Your Yard is Your Billboard

The space in front of your home is your best tool for advertising in many different senses. Of course, you need to have a sign posted in front of your house advertising that it is for sale, and definitely an info tube with a colorful flyer – but that is not entirely what we mean in this tip. Your front yard is what makes the first impression about your house and the condition the property is in. If your grass is patchy and uncut, weeds are growing everywhere, and the edging in your flower bed is starting to unearth – you have a problem. These things might not accurately reflect the rest of the property, after all you are busy trying to sell your house and move so time is limited, but they need to be taken care of before they scare off potential buyers!


How You Decorate Your Home Counts

Although you likely aren’t going to be leaving of your deco behind when you sell your house, you do want it to look attractive during showings with proper decorating. All furniture should be clean and free of visible rips and stains, nothing should be taped or tacked on the wall, and the more coordination and flow you have in your design scheme the better!


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Online

While you likely have a knowledgeable Gilbert Real Estate agent working for you, don’t be afraid to do a little online footwork yourself. List your home online on any sites and forums you may know of and put it out there to your social media networks that you’re selling your home. The more frequently your listing appears online, the better the odds of the right buyer seeing it!


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