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Buying a high value foreclosure at a low cost price is how savvy homebuyers purchase properties these days. Whether you intend to buy the home to live in yourself, to invest in it as rental, or flip and sell it for a profit, finding the right foreclosure can save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Discover how to find a foreclosure in Gilbert, AZ and what you need to know before buying.


How to Find Foreclosures in Gilbert, AZ

Finding foreclosure homes and finding any important information about properties going into foreclosure can be the hardest part about buying this type of property. Often, larger investment companies are dialed in with their finger on the pulse of the foreclosure market and have a tendency to snatch up these properties before you ever knew they existed. These companies take the property and quickly renovate it then turn around and resell it or rent it out at a premium.


What the individual can do to keep from missing the best deals is to use the same tricks investment companies use to find homes – use the power of public records and a little digging. If you suspect a home in your area is going into foreclosure you can usually find out for sure by calling the bank; if the home is already in foreclosure you can find out by searching public records/tax records. Newspapers are also a very valuable research tool for finding Gilbert real estate foreclosures as they have weekly listings on these properties.


Deciding to Buy a Foreclosed Home

When you have found the home of your dreams at an unbeatable bargain in Gilbert, Arizona, you must act fast but proceed with caution. Many foreclosed homes in any area are not move in ready but that might be somewhat of an understatement. Unlike homes for sale by owners, properties in foreclosure are often not maintained to very high standards. The most the bank is likely to do to a foreclosed property is keep the house secure, and sometimes that’s not a top priority.


In addition to probably needing a good cleaning, inspect the house thoroughly before investing any money or time into the closing process. Foreclosed homes are often targeted in petty thefts and break-ins since they are not under the watchful eye of a private homeowner. Check for signs of common copper/wire theft by inspecting outdoor A/C units, electrical wiring – especially in the attic, and signs of damage to the walls. Otherwise, be on the lookout for tampering with entry ways or missing appliances before you make any offers. With a little wisdom and caution, you can find an amazing deal on foreclosures in the Gilbert real estate market.


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