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Gilbert homebuyers make mistakes when buying their new homes. It’s not anyone’s fault other than there are some common home guying mistakes that people tend to make – but that’ why The Reeves Team is here! One of the most common mistakes made by Gilbert home buyers is a rush to buy, and in that rush they most often choose to represent themselves. If you are representing yourself when buying a home beware, you are exactly the type of home buyer that the selling agent is looking for.


Buying A Gilbert Home Unrepresented

Everyone has their own reasons for representing themselves in home buying. Whether it’s the false security that sites like Zillow and Trulia provide, or the presumed home buying knowledge gained from the millions of online resources regarding self-representation, there are those Gilbert residents who just want to represent themselves.


Many Gilbert homebuyers also do not bring a realtor with them to new home builds, assuming that the real estate agents at the new home office will give them the best deal possible. That is not always the case.


While there’s nothing wrong with going into a home purchase unrepresented, it does leave you wide open and vulnerable for many, many loopholes and small details that can add up and cost you a fortune. As they say, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


And, of course, there are those situations in which you find a beautiful home, you contact the agent listed on Trulia or Zillow to represent you, you assume that they are representing you in the sale of that home only to find out that they, in fact, represent the seller of the home and have the seller’s best interest at heart.


Ask yourself the following questions to evaluate how ready you are to represent yourself in a home buying opportunity here in Gilbert:


  • Are you familiar with the negotiation process? Are you familiar with the exact amount of commission that you will be saving off of the top by representing yourself? Is it worth the risk?
  • Do you have a keen understanding of the latest laws regarding the sale and/or transfer of Gilbert real estate and/or property that will keep you protected?
  • What if the seller does not want to negotiate to compensate for your working without an agent? Do you have a plan B?
  • Are you an emotional person who might let emotions get in the way of reason? Real estate agents act as wonderful buffers in an industry that can become incredibly emotional.
  • Are you comfortable with the process of setting up home inspections, termite inspections, finding a lender on your own, arranging the title transfer, finding a title company that will work with you, and much more?
  • Are you familiar with the contracts, especially the small print? If the selling agent placed some ‘unethical’ or ‘scrupulous’ details into the contract that might affect you down the road, would you notice?


Speak to an Agent First

I can’t stress this enough. If you’re considering buying a new or previously owned home here in Gilbert, AZ, the absolute very first thing that you need to do is talk to an experienced, local real estate agent, like those at The Reeves Team. Going into this entire process unrepresented can not only leave you vulnerable for serious consequences that can cost you a fortune, it can also raise the price on the home.


Going into a home purchase unrepresented can, in fact, raise the price that the seller is asking for. You might also end up paying more for closing costs without the expert negotiation tactics of a local real estate agent.


Going into a home purchase unrepresented can leave you open to bad neighborhoods with poor schools. A local agent like Troy Reeves can alleviate this problem.


Going into a home purchase unrepresented means that you might not receive all of the seller disclosures that you are entitled by law to receive.


Going into a home purchase unrepresented can leave you vulnerable to picking a horrible lender, one that might have a horrible reputation of not closing on time. You might not receive the best rates and terms as well.


Give us a call today. The Reeves Team will represent you, with your very bests interests in mind!


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