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Should you buy a new or used home? It’s a question that a lot of Gilbert home buyers struggle with. While there are benefits and drawbacks to both new and used homes in Gilbert, what you have to decide is what works best for you and your family. It’s not like you’re walking into a car dealership looking for the best deal – the best bang for your buck. Buying a home is a HUGE decision, and while a great deal is always a plus, you’re also looking for a place to call home, possibly for a very, very long time.


A Matter of Taste

Many times, buying a new or used home is a matter of taste. Here in Gilbert, Arizona there are many aesthetic differences to a used home versus a new home. From the size of the yard to the size of the neighborhood to schools, all of these things can play into your decision. In Gilbert, an older home might get you a larger yard and greater lot, but also might get you older countertops, cabinets and flooring. And while a new home in Gilbert might get you that upgraded kitchen with energy efficient windows, you might end up with a patio-sized yard and that’s it. This is where a matter of taste comes into play.


Changing Standards

Another aspect of the Gilbert housing market is the changing standards from older homes to new homes. For example, here in Gilbert going green is a huge feature in new homes. They are now coming with solar panels, energy efficient windows, specialized insulation and much more – all standard! These are aspect of an older home that you would have to renovate with time and money.


Gilbert new homes are also seeing bigger kitchens, more open great rooms, and more bathrooms to accommodate our growing families. Older homes might not have these benefits unless they have been remodeled.


However, changing standards also means that there are many aspects to newer Gilbert homes that you might not need, like the extra bathrooms or larger formal dining rooms. I’ve been a Gilbert real estate agent for generations, and I still have not found the perfect purpose for the infamous front room.


Real Estate Realities

Many Gilbert real estate experts, like Troy Reeves, point out that after the real estate bubble many residents re-evaluated what was important to them in a home purchase. And with that considered, many Gilbert homebuyers are maintaining a sense of caution and going a bit smaller and more reasonable then they would have in the past. In these cases, older homes serve perfectly.


Old vs New Gilbert Homes

There are some amazing deals out there with older homes, foreclosures, short sales and even a few traditional sales, if you can find them. And yet, there are some amazing benefits and additions that are currently included in many new home packages as well. The choice really comes down to what you want in your home, lot size, the amount of work you’re willing to put in, and your overall budget. Consider how much the new energy efficient homes will save you in the long run as well.


If you’re still having trouble choosing between a new home vs an older home, give The Reeves Team a call! 480.892.1969


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  1. Personally I lean towards a new home build with the much needed efficiencies. Home builders in Gilbert could most likely build to your style. If your preference is an older looking home – you could get that but NEW!

    • Bob, we have folks who insist on a new build(just want to have brand spanking new). Then we have folks that want certain areas for schools or near family and new builds are not always in that area! Some folks want turn key with landscaping, window coverings and completed communities! We sit with each of our buyers and discuss what their wants are before showing! Thanks for the comment

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