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When you are searching for your new Gilbert home, the items that you MUST have may slip your mind if you don’t bring along with you a checklist.  Not only are there items that you would love to have, but also it is important to note the condition of the house. Some things to keep in mind to have on your checklist are:



  • What’s the neighborhood like?  Are there schools nearby, parks, etc.?
  • What are the additional fees that come along with the house?



  • Flooring, windows and ceiling: What condition are these items in and will you need to update them?
  • Appliances: Does the home have all of the appliances that you want?  If it doesn’t, make note of what you will need to purchase.
  • Lighting:  Is there enough natural lighting in the home.
  • Rooms: Are they the size that you are looking for and how may are there?
  • Doors: Make sure they open and close properly and that they are in good condition.  What are the locks like and do they all work?  What about the doorbell?
  • Systems: What condition is the air conditions, security, plumbing, water system, etc. in?
  • Bathroom and Kitchen: Check to make sure the faucets are stain, mildew, mold and leak free.



  • Roof: Make note of the condition of the roof, will it need to be re-done?
  • Pool: Do you have a pool as a must have?  Be sure to note the condition of it if you do.
  • Siding: What is the condition of the siding of the house?
  • Landscape and curb appeal: Isi the lawn and fence in good condition?
  • Garage: Make sure that it functions and the remote works.
  • Patio/Deck: Are they stable?
  • Pests: Check for signs of infestation of bugs.


Make sure to bring a camera as well if you are looking at multiple homes so that you can document and remember certain things about each Gilbert home.  Take a photo of the front of the home each time you get to a new one in order to remember what photos were taken.


If you bring along your checklist you will be sure to remember everything you need when you are looking for your new Gilbert home.

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