Unless 1.5 million people are totally nuts, Phoenix is a desirable place to live. The 1.5 million is the overall population, making Phoenix the fifth largest city in the U.S. You can happily join the ranks with five tips that can help you relocate and thrive to the bustling desert metropolis.

Make sure you have a sturdy car

Your car may be something that goes on the list of things to get rid of if it’s old, prone to breakdowns or lacking air conditioning. Because Phoenix covers an impressive 474 square miles, you definitely need a car to get around. Go for a new vehicle from Phoenix Chevrolet or another domestic dealer, as domestic prices are typically lower. With temperatures above 100 degrees five months out of the year, having a solid vehicle with an intact A/C is essential.

Bring sunscreen

Phoenix averages 300 days of sun per year, making the occasional cloud cover and rainstorm sought after breaks. Winters average in the 50s and the overall average temperature is 73. Summer temps regularly hit above 100, but you can still enjoy it with proper protection and planning. This calls for sunscreen, sun hats, constant shade and shelter for you and your pets, and drinking plenty of water.

Know what to get rid of – and what to keep

Year-round balmy temperatures and constant sunshine mean you can safely get rid of your snow shoes, your snowmobile and your collection of heavy winter coats. But keep your sweaters, your lighter coats, a few scarves, gloves and hats. Don’t fall into the tourist trap of thinking you can wear shorts all year long. Temperatures are known to dip into the mid-20s during the winter. You also want to hang on to some rain gear, since the summer months come with heavy rain and storms during monsoon.

Save cash on your moving costs – so you can spend it on fun stuff

Phoenix has zoos, theaters, art galleries, museums, and kitschy shops galore. So don’t waste all your money on your moving costs. You’ll save a big chunk of change getting rid of your unnecessary things and you can always save even more with handy tips. It recommends using a reputable mover that gives you a written quote based on actually looking at all your stuff. Invest in insurance coverage that goes beyond the standard 60 cents per pound on expensive items.

Don’t believe all the myths

Horror stories you’ve heard about scorpions, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and killer lizards crawling up the toilet pipes are in the fiction category. Sure, you may encounter these desert critters, but their main goal in life is neither to terrorize nor hurt humans. You and your pets can effectively live around them by learning more about their habits.

Another falsity is the lack of water. The City of Phoenix has a solid water system that provides high-quality water to all residents. The average monthly water bill is around $53.

Once you learn to embrace all the desert has to offer, you’ll fully understand why 1.5 million people make Phoenix their home. The desert contains much more than sun and heat, with vibrant critters, exotic plant life and the most glorious of sunsets.



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