Gilbert LDS TempleWith the city of Gilbert all but giving the green light to the building of the new LDS Temple, how will it affect Gilbert and the surrounding area?  Here is a list of some of the obvious and not so obvious ways the city will be affected.


  1. Increase in home values – The LDS Community holds the Temples to be their most sacred of structures, and many want to live near them.  The last temple to be built was in Idaho, and when the church announced its building plans, house values across the street doubled overnight.  The values of homes Surrounding the immediate area are raised significantly as well.
  2. Create Gilbert’s Tallest Structure – The proposed Temple including the Steeple will be 18 stories high.  Not only will that be the highest structure in Gilbert, its so tall that it violates city law and special provisions will have to be passed by the town council to allow for the temple to be built.
  3. Increase Tourism Revenues – The Temples are sacred to the Mormon community.  They are used for sealing ceremonies, baptisms and Endowment.  Theses ceremonies create a strong demand for members of the church to travel to areas surrounding the Temple.  The first Hotel was just built in Gilbert and it was built near the Temple grounds.
  4. Increase the Population – The Town of Gilbert can expect an increase in population once the Temple is built.   Arizona has been seeing a rise in the Mormon population rate over the last several years.  Right now there is only one Temple in the Phoenix metro area.  The addition of a Temple in Gilbert will give even more reason for many LDS members to relocate.
  5. Anchor The Areas Long Term Prosperity – LDS members have a history of being considered good neighbors.   Areas will high Mormon populations hold their value very well over time.  Members of the LDS church tend to keep to themselves and yet be very active in community events.
  6. Economic Growth – While this one may be obvious, its easy to underestimate the economic growth created by the building of the LDS Temple.  When you combine the revenue from Tourism, population and development all spurred from the Temple the numbers add up quickly.
  7. Cosmetic Appeal – The Churches are very aesthetically beautiful.  Gilbert is considered by many to be one of the more beautiful and well kept cities in the PHX area, this will help add to the allure.
  8. Festivities – The LDS church puts on many events throughout the year at their Temples.  Especially during the holiday season these events draw very large crowds.  These events help promote the Temple and Gilbert as a whole.
  9. Recognition – There are currently only 130 LDS Temples in the world.  The addition of the Temple will set Gilbert apart from many other large cities.
  10. Controversy –  While there will be a lot of good that comes from the addition of the LDS Temple many will be unhappy with the Cities decision.  Some already feel that the church is getting special treatment by being allowed to build a structure taller than is legally allowed by city statues.

The Temple has been announced and is currently in the planning stages.  Construction on the Temple is set to begin within the next year, and should be completed within the next few years.


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  1. I live in NW Montana and recently retired. I am on the verge (within a year) of paying off our home. However, I have had an idea in my head for a few days, that it might be wise to take a loan on our home to pay cash for a property in Gilbert, then rent it out. I would still be able to pay off my Montana home within 5 years, but then would have the advantage of additional income and estate from that point on. I have a good feeling about the Gilbert area, and of course, the LDS temple will be another positive. Here are 3 sample MLSs: 4885462, 4864429, 4764891.

    Although I have visited and love Gilbert, you are the expert. Approximately, what do you think I could anticipate in monthly rental income on properties such as these? What is your feel as to the demand for rental properties in Gilbert in the coming future? Thanks so much.

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