Summer Home Staging Tips

Summer Home Staging Tips

If Jon & Kate can’t sell their home, what makes you think you can?  If the reality-show celebrities home has been on the market for almost 3 months and haven’t had an offer, what makes your home more appealing? 
Let’s compare homes: 
Your Home: Their Home:
Your home is priced to sell. Their home is (possibly) overpriced.
Your home is clean, clutter-free & staged to sell. Their home is picked-up & clean.
The pictures of your home are season appropriate. Their pictures show snow.
Your Agent is working very hard on your behalf to sell your home in a timely manner. Their agent … ?
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Staging does make all the difference when selling your home.  Here are some tips to help get you started:
  1. During the summer months, lighter & brighter really does matter. 
  2. Pick up and put away area rugs, heavy curtains, holiday decorations, etc. Replace your darker towels and decor with lighter colors (white, beige, yellows, creams, pinks, lighter blues, greens, etc)
  3. Chose one air freshener fragrance for the entire house.  Vanilla is the #1 most preferred fragrance.
  4. Turn the air conditioner and ceiling fans on for showings. 
  5. Avoid turning on the oven during the day.  It will raise the inside temperature of the house and in turn, will make your air conditioner work extra hard.
  6. Also, try to avoid the dryer after 10am.  Sometimes this isn’t feasible, sometimes it is.  Why? See reason above.
  7. Water your lawn daily or at the very least keep your front yard’s curb appeal inviting.
  8. Good photographs really do make all the difference. Like staging, it’s very noticeable when it’s not done.
 Remember, that by the time a prospective buyer drives up to your house it has already met their basic criteria.  Today’s buyers are well educated and have done their homework.  Your home is already their dream home, it’s just up to you to make sure they see it that way.


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