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Back to School – Can you believe it’s that time already?

As the temperatures are still rising and it sure feels like summer, it is actually time for school to start.

Chandler students returned to school this week. Gilbert and Mesa will start the beginning of August.

Back to school

Have you been thinking with the start of a new school year that you would like to it in a new home?

Schools have often played a factor in Real Estate. Parents want the best for their children and often having them attend a specific school is a main decision factor on where they purchase a home.

You often hear of parents having to try to obtain boundary exceptions so their child can attend the same school that friends are. Why worry about having to obtain that approval? Why not just find a home within that schools boundaries?

school boundariesNow is the time to start that search, Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team are here to help you find the perfect house to start the new school year off in.


4 factors that can influence selling your home

With the hope of selling your home for the highest price possible, there are a few factors to consider when putting your home on the market.

Location – Buyers take many factors into consideration when purchasing a home. Location being one of them. Buyers may look at what’s been happening in the community as far a recent sales activities. Local schools may also be a factor they are considering. With today’s gas prices location of their new home to their place of employment could also play a factor.

Location, Location, Location

Many buyers look at what the community has to offer as far as amenities and distance to shopping, eating and entertainment. If there is enough to do by either walking or riding a bike, buyers will see it as a plus to save on having to use a car. Buyers also take into consideration if the location has an negative features; poor views, to close to the freeway, large power lines, industrial nearby or possible noise from trains or planes.

Floorplan – While buyers tour homes they are visualizing how their belongings will fit in the rooms and how many rooms they truly need. Gone are the days when buyers are looking for big with lots are rooms. Today’s buyers are thinking more about what they “really” need and not so much on what they may think they want. Recently we posted a blog about de-cluttering and getting your home ready for sale. More and more people are realizing they don’t need a lot of things and a lot of space. Click here for the blog about clutter.


Floorplans are a key factor when choosing the right home. Having a spacious floorplan can make even a smaller home look larger. Why have too many small bedrooms when you could have fewer larger size ones.

Wear and Tear – Buyers hope to get the most for their money. When making an offer on a home, buyers are more likely to submit a better offer when the home looks move in ready.Historic homes can be worth as much as new homes if they are maintained properly and show their value. It can also be helpful when maintaining homes and upgrading them that the seller provide the paperwork showing what was done. Buyers like to see as much documentation on the home improvements as possible.

Renovation – Sellers need to make wise renovations, it is possible to make too many renovations. Over doing it can actually hurt the property’s value. You want to keep consistent with the other homes in your subdivision with the same square footage. Take into consideration when it’s time to sell, your home will be compared to the other models with the same square footage in your area.


Thinking about selling? Give Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team a call. We can stop by and give you suggestions to get your house ready and share with you the price that homes like yours are currently selling for.

When homes aren’t selling!

A successful real estate transaction requires team work between the realtor and the seller. It becomes frustrating when both parties are not on the same page as to what it is going to take to get the home sold.

When a seller is not willing to take advise on what needs to happen to get their home sold it can take the home longer to sell. As the market becomes increasingly competitive as more homes are listed, it is important for your home to stand out above the rest. With buyers having more homes to look at,  they begin to notice more defects in homes and draw their attention to homes that stand out above the others.

Here are some helpful tips that will make your home stand out about the rest:

Light & Bright – Open those blinds, pull back the curtains and turn on some lights. Enhance lighting in the rooms help show off your rooms and by opening the curtains buyers will see the beautiful scenery outside your windows. Also keep in mind that you would not want to show off clutter or storage or a wall that may be on the other side of the window.

Stage & De-clutter –  Have a garage/yard sale and get rid of what you had planned on before moving. The more spacious your garage and rooms look the more buyers feel the spaciousness of your home.  Click here for a blog we recently posted on staging.

before & after staging

Smells – When potential buyers tour your home you want them to walk in and go… Wow it smells nice in here. The last thing you want to hear is that they smell pet orders, smoking or cooking odors. Don’t overdo it either, keep the aroma pleasant and not overwhelming.

Decor – Think about adding some fresh paint before listing. Often buyers are put off by bright or dark colors when touring homes. The dark colors often make a room seem smaller in size. Also, consider touching up door frames and the front door. Remember the front door is the first impression buyers get of your home. Click here for a recent blog we posted about updating your front door.Landscaping. As potential buyers arrive at your home the first impression is going to be of your landscaping. As we mentioned in an earlier blog (click here) temperatures are rising and you want to try and keep your plants looking a fresh as possible. Try to keep up on the mowing and trim any overgrown plants.


$$ Price $$ – With inventory on the rise and home values decreasing having the right list price is a major factor to take into consideration when thinking about how fast you want your home to sell. As buyers are shopping the market they want the best deal. Watch your subdivision and see what your neighbors are doing. We set up our sellers on an automatic e-mail so they see what is happening in their neighborhood.

Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team want to make your selling experience a happy one. We offer our clients many suggestions that will help them get their home sold as quickly as they want for the best price possible.

Make your house ready to sell

People love touring model homes to see how the rooms are decorated to get ideas for their current homes.

Why not take some of those “staging” ideas and use them when you decide to put your home on the market?

You would be surprised just by looking around your home how many items you probably already own that put in the right location can make the room show ready to sell.

You want to make your home inviting and help potential buyers feel welcome. The more they enjoy the tour of your home, the more they might consider purchasing it.

Where to begin in getting your home ready to show? Go Room by Room.

before & after staging

•  Do you have a room that seems to be where everything ends up? That might be the place to start. Get that room back to what it is intended for. (Guest room, or Den).

• Step back and look around each room if you feels it looks cluttered, remove items. Spacious rooms seem to receive a better response from potential buyers than small rooms.

• Neutral colors on the wall is something else to take into consideration. Buyers often don’t have a paint allowance within their home purchase budget. Not everyone enjoys bright or dark colors on the wall. You can still have some color throughout the home with the use of throw pillows, tablecloth or towels.


• A few other suggestions in getting the home model ready, have the blinds open and lights on to show the brightness of the home. It helps to have the mindset that your pickiest relative is coming to visit and will look at the ceiling fans, baseboards and door frames. You would be surprised living in the desert where dust seems to land and settle.

Troy Reeves & The Reeves team are here to help you get your home sold in the quickest manner possible. When we meet with sellers we often give them suggestions on both interior & exteriors that could be “spruced up” to help get the home sold.

A successful real estate sales transaction involves both the agent & the seller working as a team to get the home sold. The Reeves Team is here to guild you through every step of the transaction.

What are some of the reasons folks are moving?


The U.S. Census Bureau reported the other day that among the 36 million people who moved between 2012 and 2013, 5 percent said the most important reason for moving was to be closer to work or for an easier commute.
Another 8 percent cited the desire for cheaper housing.

The most common reasons for moving in 2013 were wanting a new or better home/apartment, other housing reasons and family reason.

For people who moved from one county to another, moving because of a job-related reason rose with the distance of the move: 23 percent of moves less than 50 miles and 48 percent of those 500 miles or more.

Other highlights mentioned in the article were:
• Men were more likely than women to move for job-related reasons.
• Better-educated people were more likely to move for job-related reasons than those with lower levels of education.
• Married respondents were the least likely to move for family-related reasons.
• Moves within the same area were typically for housing-related reasons, while long distance moves and moves from abroad were more for job-related reasons.
• Several individual reasons, such as change of climate, health reasons and natural disaster, were each cited as the main reason for moving by fewer than 1 percent of householders.

The data are analyzed by a range of demographic characteristics, including age, sex, race, origin, educational attainment, marital status, labor force status, type of move and distance moved. These national-level data were collected by the 2013 Current Population Survey’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement.

Have you been thinking about moving? Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team would love to assist you with that move. Our website relocateaz.com allows you to search homes that are listed. We also have resources that will also you to look at properties all over the world. Buying a home can be a stressful experience. You want to make sure you have the right person by your side to help guide you through every step of the transaction.

Drones in the the real estate market?

Looking for that special marketing tool to make your listing stand out from others?

Starting thinking about photos taken from a drone powered camera. As unmanned aircraft become more widely available, some real-estate agents have started to use drones to sell listings.

drone camera

Real-estate agents often will go the extra mile to achieve top marketing ideas for their business.

As drones are becoming more costly available, agents have started to use them in their
marketing. Using the drones allows the agent to obtain aerial photos and video of not only the property but surrounding areas. Giving their client another visual prospective in their decision making.


As technology progresses and buyers are often looking for properties all over the world agents need to be one step ahead and offer them the ability to see not only the front & interior of the property, but the surrounding area as well.


Currently the FAA does not allow unmanned aircraft to be used for commercial purposes. The National Association of Realtors has advised members not to use unmanned aircraft to market properties until the FAA issues rules. There is hope that those rules be out by the end of this year.

Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team would love to hear your thoughts as a real estate agent if you would consider using drones in your business.

As a potential real estate client, would you enjoy having the opportunity to view video or photos of a property and area that you are interested in?

Please share your thoughts with Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team.

TopGolf to build second Valley facility in Gilbert

More exciting news!

Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team has just learned that TopGolf International Inc. out of Dallas Texas will open an indoor/outdoor entertainment center in Gilbert, AZ.

golf 2

The site is due to open early next year! TopGolf is in the process of building a 65,000-square-foot center at The San Tan Village Parkway in Gilbert.

The facility will offer competitive golf games for a variety of skill levels incorporating technology. The facility will also offer extensive food and beverage menus.

The tri-level facility will include private event space and 102 climate-controlled hitting bays that can host up to six players at one time.

golf 1

The valley of the sun has a reputation as a golf haven coupled with its climate and economy make the region ideal for TopGolf centers.

golf 3

Gilbert among one of nation’s fastest-growing towns

In a recent article in the Arizona Republic newspaper, Gilbert was named as one of the nation’s fastest-growing communities in 2013. Gilbert for the first time is estimated as the Valley’s 5th most-populous community, just slightly above Scottsdale.

The article went on to say that according to Census Bureau data Gilbert’s population rose to an estimated 229,972 people in July 2013, up from about 221,000 the previous year.

That 4% growth rate made Gilbert the 12th fastest-growing municipality in the U.S. last year.

Even though Gilbert has experienced rapid growth over the last two-and-a-half decades, it has held onto its designation as a town rather than a city, making Gilbert the most-populous town in the nation.

The Gilbert town council has recently approved for Saint Xavier University to develop an 87,000 square foot satellite location in downtown Heritage District of Gilbert.

As a Gilbert homeowner, you have the “small town” feel with a lot of “city” amenities close by. Gilbert has several community parks to enjoy, several dining & entrainment choices and as we can see from recent announcements several choices for schooling & employment opportunities.

Gilbert homeowners also enjoy several annual activities that the town hosts. One being the Hot Air Balloon Classic. Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team were proud sponsors of that event this year.

Please take a look at this past blog on the Hot Air Balloon Classic.


Gilbert is also home to the Annual Gilbert’s Day Parade & Rodeo. Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team have been proud sponsors of the Gilbert’s Day Parade over several years and have won awards for float participation.

Here is a past blog with more details on the Gilbert’s Day Parade.


As a Gilbert homeowner you become part of a great town that has a lot to offer. Please check back for more announcements of upcoming events & happenings in Gilbert, Arizona. Here at The Reeves Team we always like to pass on information on things to do and the ever changing real estate market.

How to Boost Curb Appeal – Starting with the Front Door!

Now is the time for an exterior makeover to enhance your curb appeal. Remember, your front entry is the first vision visitors have as they arrive.

Are you making a statement with your front door?
Your front door is the first impression you are making as visitors arrive. Is your front door showing its age? Is it perhaps hurting your homes energy efficiency? Perhaps its time to think about installing a new energy efficient front door.
Please remember if you are in a subdivision with an association, you want to check their guidelines before changing out the door.

front door

New accessories are another option.
Don’t want to change out the front door? You can still “freshen it up” by replacing the door hardware or give it a fresh coat of paint. Should you decide to change the hardware, keep it consistent with other features around the door such as a light fixture or doorbell. Often simple changes give something a brand new look at a small cost.

door handles

Freshen up your exterior and trim.
The Arizona weather takes a toll on exterior paint over time. Now is a good time to also add a fresh coat of paint to exterior & trim. Again, should you choose to change colors, check with your neighborhood association. The association may have approved color choices to choose from.

Outdoor lighting.
Outdoor lighting is another enchantment to consider when “freshen” up your front entrance. There are both regular and solar lighting options available. Solar lights can be used to showcase landscaping and home focal points.


Use plants as focal points.
Plants are easy ways to adds pops of color both at the front entry and throughout your front yard. You can also place containers with blooming plants throughout your front landscaping.


As a client of The Reeves Team we always recommend “freshen” up your front entry when putting your home on the market. We also recommend adding pops of color, its make the home inviting.

Monsoon/Haboob Season Is Approaching In Arizona!

When Is Arizona’s Monsoon/Haboob Season?
The Monsoon/Haboob season in Arizona is from June 15th until September 30th.

What Are Monsoon/Haboob storms?
Monsoon/Haboob storms can be simple dust storms to violent thunderstorms. Often the Monsoon/Haboob storms start with heavy winds sometimes resulting in a visible wall of dust hundreds of feet high moving across the Valley. Visually they are amazing to watch, but can be very dangerous to your home & auto.

dust storm

Does Damage Occur During Monsoons/Haboobs?
Yes, damage can occur from the winds, or debris being tossed around such as trees & power lines. Once the storms moves across the valley homeowners will emerge from their homes to find patio furniture and other items not only from their yard, but often neighbors belongings in their pool. Also, as a result of these storms damage to homes that are not as sturdy, like some manufactured homes occur.


What About the Roads?
Often when the Monsoon/Haboob storms dump a lot of rain in the valley in a quick amount of time, the ground and surface streets sometimes have areas of flooding. Due to the low levels of rain received in the valley most drain systems are not set up to handle the large amount of water so quickly. Several communities have water retentions that are also play areas set up to help with the water draining.

monsoon driving

There are a couple of locations throughout the valley that have signage that warns drivers not to use that roadway due to flooding, which sadly at times are ignored and cause a news story showing someone being rescued from a flooded vehicle. Arizona has implemented a “stupid motorist” law that allows rescuers to fine drivers that have to be saved after driving through a flooded area.

Troy Reeves & The Reeves Team want share information with you so you enjoy living in the valley of the sun. Please stay safe during the coming Monsoon/Haboob season. Follow the warnings when it comes to driving and the safety tips for avoiding damage to your home and property.