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Mesa Market Stats

Mesa Prices

  • 375512.50,387482.01,383019.27,382637.41,375215.74,364097.75,360326.71,363350.55,365131.27,374082.92,383410.71,398883.73
  • 277122.12,278511.44,273850.99,279309.12,277888.19,286357.63,256240.45,290127.65,274167.03,297775.56,291334.87,294530.16
  • 274515.19,277262.08,272572.59,275911.69,275982.43,268646.74,276599.92,255182.35,280863.95,272906.18,287523.78,292597.46

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Mesa Inventory

  • 1286,1223,1268,1295,1376,1448,1386,1422,1444,1418,1308,1198
  • 906,827,794,698,756,701,668,572,654,880,973,1046

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2019


2 Replies to “Mesa Market Stats”

  1. I have been very pleased with The Reeves Team so far. Considering Troy is Dave Ramsey’s # 1 guy in Arizona, I feel confidant that The Reeves Team will take the best care of us during this very stressful Short Sale process. We must stop hemorhaging our money. Thanks for treating us with respect & dignity.

    1. Linda, Thank You for the kind words!! We have been working with Dave Ramsey for 10 years now and make darn sure we take care of his referrals! Many people are in your same shoes and we do the best to help them. Troy Reeves-Owner REMAX Alliance

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