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Reeves TeamHome of the one hour returned call
In 1994-95 Troy received the “Rookie of the Year Award” from one of the largest Real Estate companies in the world. He realized quickly that getting his name out and marketing was a  key ingredient to a successful career in Real Estate. The next logical step was purchasing an office with the most recognized real estate logo in the world – RE/MAX. Lastly, Troy needed a team of top professionals, he created “The Reeves Team”. This was a new idea in the real estate market at the time. Nobody had tried this approach.

90 day sale guarantee
After spending most of his time in his car, Troy decided a traveling billboard was in need – not just an average vehicle but a powerhouse. Thus, HUMMER became The Reeves Team Trademark, in 1997. With the success of the “One Hour Return Call” and implementation of the “90 Day Sale Guarantee.” Troy and his team became one of the Top Ten Real Estate Agents in Arizona. Next on our list of marketing ideas, providing the Highest Level of Service a Real Estate Agent and his Company can provide.

Troy Reeves, OwnerTroy Reeves From the very beginning, Troy began to shape his business pursuing unique and inventive marketing ideas to increase his name recognition and improve business. The Reeves Team has built a reputation not just on promises, but on guarantees. Based on their commitment to world class service, they guarantee a return phone call within one hour. In addition, many of their clients have been thrilled to have their home sold under the Reeves Team’s 90 day sales guarantee.
Glenn Marlin, Agent
Glenn Marlin
Licensed team agent, GlennMarlin, has worked with Troy in a professional capacity since 1987. Since that time, they have built a relationship based on mutual respect and shared professionalism. Glenn has resided in the East Valley since 1972, when he relocated from the Midwest to attend Arizona State University. After graduation in 1975, he embarked on a successful sales career that is still keeping his interest. Glenn has seen the landscape of the East Valley real estate change dramatically since his first real estate transaction back in 1978.
Josh Coplan, Agent
Josh Coplan
Josh Coplan, licensed agent, came to The Reeves Team with a degree in Marketing and Communication. Josh has brought many fresh marketing ideas to the team which he has implemented in his daily routine with clients, and that resulted in an award winning year for Josh & The Team. His enthusiasm and work ethic has become infectious throughout the office.
Lora Powers, Marketing & Escrow
Lora Powers
Lora has been with the Reeves Team for more than 4 years now and is the best in her field! Troy says, “She has been the reason for our tremendous success.” Being a licensed agent and having the experience of overseeing hundreds of escrows, there is no one more qualified to coordinate a transaction than Lora.
Scott, Romley, Title
Scott Romley, is Vice President at American Title Agency, Inc., an employee-owned company. American Title Agency has risen to third in market share for all of Maricopa County in less than a year – sharing the same enthusiasm and drive as the Reeves Team for over 9 years. American Title is a company built on providing quality service and building excellent working relationships with top-notch Realtors like Troy and his team. Scott Romley considers Troy an asset to the industry. “Troy is very hands-on and manages his team extremely well,” explains Scott. “His aggressive and enthusiastic attitude is refreshing. His team is a well-oiled machine that gives its best to every client.”

Reeves Affiliate Partners

Nick Carr – Legacy Insurance Group of Arizona, Inc. (480) 969-6229
Stephanie Boughton Team – OnQ Financial, (480) 227-7092
Scott Romley – American Title (480) 831-3000
Yvette Myer – Old Republic Home Warranty (800) 972-5985