Make your house ready to sell

People love touring model homes to see how the rooms are decorated to get ideas for their current homes.

Why not take some of those “staging” ideas and use them when you decide to put your home on the market?

You would be surprised just by looking around your home how many items you probably already own that put in the right location can make the room show ready to sell.

You want to make your home inviting and help potential buyers feel welcome. The more they enjoy the tour of your home, the more they might consider purchasing it.

Where to begin in getting your home ready to show? Go Room by Room.

before & after staging

•  Do you have a room that seems to be where everything ends up? That might be the place to start. Get that room back to what it is intended for. (Guest room, or Den).

• Step back and look around each room if you feels it looks cluttered, remove items. Spacious rooms seem to receive a better response from potential buyers than small rooms.

• Neutral colors on the wall is something else to take into consideration. Buyers often don’t have a paint allowance within their home purchase budget. Not everyone enjoys bright or dark colors on the wall. You can still have some color throughout the home with the use of throw pillows, tablecloth or towels.


• A few other suggestions in getting the home model ready, have the blinds open and lights on to show the brightness of the home. It helps to have the mindset that your pickiest relative is coming to visit and will look at the ceiling fans, baseboards and door frames. You would be surprised living in the desert where dust seems to land and settle.

Troy Reeves & The Reeves team are here to help you get your home sold in the quickest manner possible. When we meet with sellers we often give them suggestions on both interior & exteriors that could be “spruced up” to help get the home sold.

A successful real estate sales transaction involves both the agent & the seller working as a team to get the home sold. The Reeves Team is here to guild you through every step of the transaction.


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