2012 Arizona Housing Inventory Reduction

Arizona housing inventory continues to fall to near record levels. The number of homes for sale in the Phoenix metro area is now less that 13,500 homes, and it continues to drop at a staggering rate. Just a few short years ago the Arizona housing inventory peaked at 48,340 homes. Now it is nearly 1/4th of that number. These low inventory numbers have not been seen since 2005, during the housing bubble.

The Reeves Team takes a market snapshot every Tuesday. Take a look below to see just how quickly the inventory has fallen in 2012.

1/18/2012            18,459
1/31/2012            17,744
2/8/2012              17,327
2/20/2012           16,860
2/29/2012           16,154
3/6/2012             15,822
3/14/2012           15,235
3/21/2012           14,845
3/28/2012           14,352
4/4/2012            13,962
4/11/2012           13,846
4/18/2012          13,616
4/25/2012          13,477

  • Ken Boltz

    These are staggering declines in inventory, almost a little scary how few homes are on the market. The time is absolutely ripe for selling right now. Thanks for the stats Reeves Team.

    • http://www.relocateaz.com Troy Reeves

      We decided to update this blog with a new 2013 numbers! This blog will be up soon….And Ken it is amazing watching these numbers! Thanks for the comment